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Young Bong Kim

Senior Pastor, Korean United Methodist Church of Koinonia
BA (Chungnam National University), MDiv (Methodist Theological Seminary, Seoul), STM (Perkins School of Theology, SMU), PhD (McMaster University)

Rev. Dr. Young Bong Kim is Senior Pastor at Korean United Methodist Church of Koinonia. In addition to his work in pastoral ministry, he spent 10 years teaching at Hyup Sung University in Korea. Dr. Kim’s Korean publications include works on biblical spirituality, preaching, and contemplative prayer. He oversaw the Korean translation of The Message. 

김영봉 교수는 와싱톤사귐의교회의 담임 목사로 미국에서 목회를 시작하기 전 협성대에서 10년간 교수로 가르쳤다. 성경적 영성, 설교, 묵상과 사귐의 기도에 관한 많은 책을 저술했으며 『메시지』 한국어판 완역본을 공동 책임 감수했다.

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