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Art and Architecture

The arts play a central role at Regent College, and we pay great attention to the physical space in which we study, work, and interact.

Art around campus

Every floor of Regent College features artwork in a variety of media that not only enhance the space visually, but also inspire reflection and interaction. We hope you will take the time to walk around and discover the pieces for yourself. Here are some highlights from our collection.

The Entrance of the Words Giveth Light—Psalm 119:130

Artist: Friedrich Peter
Medium: calligraphy
Date: 1988
Location: Atrium
Description: Friedrich Peter is an internationally renowned visual artist, calligrapher, typeface designer, and painter. In addition to this painting, you will find the College’s mission statement written out in his calligraphy on one of the atrium walls. Most recently, Peter Friedrich’s work was exhibited in The Dal Schindell Gallery in January–February 2012.

The Crucifixion after Grünewald

Artist: Maria Gabankova
Medium: painting
Location:upper level
Description: This painting is a reproduction of a section of the Grünewald altarpiece (the original is installed in the Unterlinden Museum in Colmar, France). The realism and painful detail of this crucifixion scene reminds us of Christ’s humanity and sacrifice, and of his union with our own individual suffering.


Artist: David Robinson
Medium: steel, copper, bronze
Date: 2003
Description: Font was created for an exhibition at the Lookout Gallery (now the Dal Schindell Gallery) in 2003. It was inspired by an invitation from gallery director Dal Schindell to create some sketches on the theme of the seven “I am” sayings of Christ in the book of John: “I am the true vine … I am the living water” etc… The piece depicts a man balancing on a globe, and shouldering a beam from which hang two buckets of water. The water overflows and gathers in a bowl that itself is filled to the brim. The work eludes any one interpretation. Read the artist’s thoughts on this piece on David Robinson’s website.


After its founding in 1968, Regent College had a number of temporary homes before it moved to its current location at 5800 University Boulevard in 1988. The new building was designed by architect Clive Grout. It is a light-filled space, centred on an atrium that buzzes with activity and forms the heart of the Regent community.

Between 2005 and 2007, the building underwent a major renovation and expansion, which focused on a new library facility. Architect Clive Grout was again responsible for the library design, which was built underground at the north end of the campus. You would never know that the library is underground by the amount of natural light that streams into the space through floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights, and a forty-foot-high wind tower.

The True North Tower is a collaboration between Clive Grout, Walter Francl Architects, and glass artist Sarah Hall. The tower provides natural ventilation for the library, thereby reducing the need to rely on electricity. The library is heated and cooled by a radiant system that uses natural pressure to push fresh air through the library by way of floor diffusers. The air is then exhausted through the wind tower.

The outside of the tower features an extraordinary stained glass installation, titled Lux Nova—the first installation of photovoltaic art glass in North America. The glass is filled with photovoltaic cells that absorb solar energy, which is later used to power the LED lighting system at night. Arranged within the column are twelve crosses of coloured glass, and the Lord’s prayer written in Aramaic. Visit artist Sarah Hall’s website to learn more about her work.

Clive Grout and Sarah Hall were awarded the prestigious Design Merit Award for Sacred Landscapes from the American Institute of Architects in 2009. The tower received extensive media coverage, including articles and spreads in the National Post, Interior Design Magazine, Studio Magazine, In Trust Magazine, Christian Week, and Faith & Form. Sarah Hall was interviewed about the tower by CBC.

The True North Tower combines beauty and function in a powerful message about art, technology, spirituality, and environmental responsibility. The apex of the tower points to the North Star, reminding us of the true source of light and life.

Regent’s park

The Wind Tower is located on a wide, manicured expanse of grass that stretches along the front of Regent’s campus. During the warm spring and summer months, this small park is packed with students studying or just relaxing in the sunshine.

Rita Houston Kitchen

On Tuesday, April 12, 2011, Regent College honoured Rita Houston for her many years of faithful ministry to the Regent community by renaming the Regent College Kitchen to the Rita Houston Kitchen. The new name honours Rita’s commitment to home and hospitality, and is an invitation to all who prepare or receive food from the kitchen to carry Rita’s dedication and example as a servant of God into their own homes, churches, academies, and the marketplace.

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