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Regent offers six distinct graduate programs, each designed to fit different goals, interests, and parameters.

All of our programs, taught by our world-class faculty, are founded on the same values:

  • helping you integrate your faith and life
  • helping you experience a personal transformation through learning in a vibrant and diverse community
  • helping you live faithfully and missionally in the world

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Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies
  • Goal

    Build a firm framework of understanding in Christian Scripture, theology, history, and practice. Return to daily life reinvigorated, with a deeper sense of your calling.

  • Credit Hours


Master of Arts in Christian Studies
  • Goal

    Gain a biblical, theological, and historical foundation for comprehensive integration of faith and life. Deepen your faith and broaden your perspective in our rich and diverse academic community.

  • Credit Hours


Master of Arts in Theological Studies
  • Goal

    Master a chosen subject through focused study in an area of concentration. Root that mastery in a deep, broad, and nuanced understanding of Scripture, theology, and history developed through our core curriculum.

  • Credit Hours


Master of Arts in Leadership, Theology & Society
  • Goal

    Grow in wisdom as you weave together theological insight, critical cultural analysis, and practical leadership training.

  • Credit Hours


Master of Divinity
  • Goal

    Prepare for creative leadership, prayerful service, and redemptive engagement with contemporary challenges to Christian mission.

  • Credit Hours


Master of Theology
  • Goal

    Supplement your MDiv or MA Theo Studies with focused study in a particular area of interest, deepening your understanding and preparing yourself for doctoral studies.

  • Credit Hours


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