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How it Works

We offer a number of condensed (or "intensive") courses through the year.These condensed courses typically last only 1–2 weeks and range from 1 to 3 credits.

Our best-known condensed courses are our Summer Programs (40+ courses from May through early August) and our January Intensive (one week of condensed courses immediately before the start of the Winter Term). From time to time we also offer condensed courses during our Fall and Winter reading breaks.

Like our regular courses, condensed courses can be taken for credit towards a graduate degree or simply audited for personal enrichment. Students auditing courses are not required to complete assignments. For more information on the difference between credit and audit, visit our Choosing Courses page.

The length and format of our condensed courses varies. Many take place in a standard classroom setting, typically requiring students to spend 3 or 6 hours in the classroom per day. Others (such as our travel courses) focus on an off-campus immersive experience. Students usually have six weeks to complete the assignments, but this varies from course to course. When taking a condensed course, you should review the syllabus carefully to ensure that you understand the course dates, format, and requirements.

Browse the condensed courses below to find one that's right for you.

Upcoming Courses

Winter 2020

Theology of Work
Paul Stevens
Mon Jan 6–Fri Jan 10
1 or 2 credits
January Intensive

Work occupies the largest part of our waking everyday life, whether that work is remunerated or not. As distinct from leisure, work is energy expended purposefully, whether manual, mental, or primarily spiritual, whether or not it is remunerated. In this course we examine the contemporary work scene, what the Bible teaches us about work, yesterday, today and forever, and its dignity and problems (east of Eden). We will consider what constitutes good work. Work is an arena for character and spiritual formation and can be part of the advancing kingdom of God and part of the full-time ministry of the whole people of God.

Creation and the Gospel
(INDS 506)
Jonathan Wilson and Matthew Humphrey
Mon Jan 6–Fri Jan 10
1 or 2 credits
January Intensive

This course will explore the good news of Jesus Christ for creation in order to shape a vision of faithful discipleship in the midst of the global crises precipitated by the changing climate. We will do this by exploring biblical and theological resources for reshaping our understanding of discipleship and by attending to concrete practices that may bear witness to God’s care for creation and lives properly aligned with God’s creation. Our development of vision will arise from a notion of “conviviality”—living with the Creator in celebration of Creator’s gift of life.

History of Christian Doctrine
(THEO 608)
Hans Boersma
Tues Feb 18–Sat Feb 22
3 credits
Reading Break Intensive

In an age suspicious of the past, it is all the more important for the Church to be aware of her tradition. It is through a loving connection with the Church of all times and places that today also God provides us with an identity in Christ through the Holy Spirit. This course, therefore, explores the history of the doctrine of the Church as it has taken shape both in the thoughts of individual theologians and through the Creeds, confessions, and decisions of councils and synods. The course not only presents an overview of the history of Christian doctrine, but also examines some of the most seminal theological writings that have shaped the Church throughout her history.

Preaching the Gospel in the Land of the Gospels
(APPL 514)
Darrell Johnson
Fri Jan 31–Thurs Feb 13
1 credit
Travel Course

This course is full. A waitlist is in place. For more details, visit the course page.
The Holy Land, experienced firsthand, enriches the faith and Biblical understanding of all who visit. For those called to ministry, this experience is particularly valuable. Some have called the land "The Fifth Gospel," and indeed, as we travel there, we anticipate reading the dust and stones, thorns and trees, water and wilderness in such a way as to enliven both our faith and our preaching.

Summer 2020

Our Summer Programs are our most well-known condensed courses. Every year, we offer more than 40 graduate courses from May through early August, each lasting 1–2 weeks. Summer Programs cover everything from biblical studies to the visual arts and draw students from around the world.

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