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Register for Courses

Before each term, you will need to register for a new set of courses. To register, log in to your REGIS account and click on the Registration menu.

Login to REGIS

How to register

New to Regent?

If you have applied for a program at Regent, you can register online through REGIS, using your Regent Login. If you haven't yet been formally admitted, you'll be limited in the number of courses you can take each term.

If you’ve never taken a course at Regent and have not applied for admission to a program, you can:

  • Register online. Follow the green button on the REGIS homepage or,
  • register in-person at Reception

After registering, you will receive a registration verification email with your student ID, and the necessary information in order to get your Regent login. If you have not received this email, your paper registration form has not yet been processed or you have not completed all the necessary steps on REGIS and you will need to re-register.

Returning students

You can register online for most courses through REGIS. Log in to your REGIS account (using your Regent Login) and look for the Registration menu.

If you’ve taken a course with us some years ago and are just returning, you can register online once you have a Regent Login. For information about how to retrieve or apply for a Regent Login, see our IT Helpdesk site.

Online Courses

Everyone with a Regent Login can register for online courses through REGIS

If you are having problems with creating a Regent Login, you can contact Reception for a course add/drop form.

Who can take courses at Regent

If you want to take a course at Regent for personal enrichment, you don’t need to apply to a program. You can simply register directly for your course.

You have two choices: you can audit a course or take it for academic credit. “Audit” means you don’t need to do any assignments, and you won’t receive a grade. You can simply enjoy the lectures and follow along with the readings, without the pressure of papers or grades. And you can take as many courses “for audit” as you would like.

If you plan to take courses for academic credit, you can take up to 12 credits total (maximum 6 per term) before needing to apply to a graduate program at Regent.

Anyone with a bachelor's degree can take courses at Regent. If you don’t have a bachelor's degree and you want to take a course for audit, you need to be at least 23 years of age OR to have completed at least 50% of the credits required for a four-year bachelor’s degree.

If you decide to take courses for credit, and don’t have a bachelor’s degree, you must be at least 28 years of age.

Costs and tuition benefits

Visit our Costs page for the most current course rates.

Find out if you qualify for any tuition benefits here.

Add, drop, or change a course

Do you need to drop or change a course? Log in to your REGIS account and click on the purple registration tab. Here you will find links to add, drop or change a course.

There is no fee for adding a course or changing the number of credits or the credit/audit status.

For a refund of a credit balance on your student account, please complete a Student Account Overpayment Form .

Please check here for course change and refund deadlines.

Register for a Course with Special Requirements

Most courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Some courses, however, have special requirements.

Courses with Prerequisites

The prerequisites, co-requisites, or recommended prior courses for any course can be found in individual course descriptions or the course syllabus. If you lack a prerequisite, you will be unable to register for the course in question. If you lack a recommended prior course, you will be able to register, but you should be prepared to do additional work in the course.

Courses with Priority Enrolment (e.g., seminars)

Courses that both have a limited enrollment and are required for a program (e.g., seminars) are typically filled on a priority basis. If you want to be given priority in a priority enrollment course, you must register by the early registration deadline on REGIS or in paper with a Priority enrollment form in addition to a regular registration Course Change form. Up until the early registration deadline, all registrants will be put on a waitlist. Students will be added to the course in question on a priority basis--students who need the course for their program will be given first priority; others will be added as there is space. You can check on REGIS to find your enrollment status in the course; also, you will be emailed within a week of the early registration deadline to inform you of your place either in the class or on the waitlist. If space opens in the course and you are on the waitlist you will be emailed and given the option to be in the course. If we do not hear from you within 24 hrs we will offer that spot to the next person on the waitlist so please be attentive to your email during that time. Note that seminars are not typically open to auditors.

Courses with a Practicum

The following courses have a practicum associated with them:

  • Supervised Ministry (APPL 693, APPL 694)
  • Marketplace Theology Field Immersion (APPL 692)
  • World Christianity Field Immersion (APPL 690)

These courses each run for eight months, September through April. You need to register and pay for them in both Fall and Winter, 1.5 credit hours each term.

Check the course syllabi for all meeting dates.

Register for a final project

Visit the Final Projects page to find information and the Final Project Form on registering for your thesis/IPIAT or comprehensive exam. Final projects are not available for online registration at this time.

Once you have completed the final project registration form and obtained your supervisor's signature, you can submit this form together with your regular course registration form (or course change form if you've already registered for courses in the same term) to Reception.

Note that final projects have special registration deadlines and refund policies.

Also note, that if you register for a final project during the Summer: (i) there is a deadline by which you must register (see the Important Dates), and (ii) U-Pass fees may apply for the entire four months of Summer.

Registration and payment deadlines

View other important dates and deadlines for refunds.
View the Schedule of Refunds.

Choose your courses before you register

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