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Giving through Your Will

Legacy or planned giving provides for a future gift to Regent College through end-of-life financial and/or estate plans.

Regent College has worked since 1969 to cultivate intelligent, vigorous, and joyful followers of Christ around the world. Students are transformed by immersion in rich knowledge learned from thoughtful teachers in a vibrant, worshipful community of wrestling learners.

Your planned gift to Regent – whether through your will or another method – will sustain this work for the next generation.

Just imagine – if we can help Regent to be financially sustainable – what the world would look like with thousands more Regent graduates living out the immensity of the gospel in their churches, schools, homes, and workplaces around the world.

Whether or not you make a will, your estate will be taxed and distributed after your death. Making a will ensures that the assets you have worked hard for are spent in keeping with your priorities in life.

Planned giving arrangements can:

  • provide for you and/or your loved ones;
  • significantly reduce your tax burden, both now and when your estate is transferred to your beneficiaries;
  • produce guaranteed, regular income payments for you for the rest of your life that are largely tax-free; and
  • enable you to leave a legacy for Regent College.

Choosing the right planned gift arrangement depends on your personal circumstances and financial goals. Regent College recommends talking with your accountant or financial planner about the options listed on this website. For more information, please contact Richard Thompson at or 604.221.3314.

Taxpayers outside of Canada should compare the tax implications of gifts to Regent College (a registered Canadian charity), Regent College Foundation USA, the Friends of Regent College Canada UK Trust, or the Regent College (Hong Kong) Foundation Ltd.

To explore your giving arrangements further, you can download the instructions for Completing Bequest or Estate Gifts or our Leaving a Legacy booklet or browse the links below.

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