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Tuition Discounts

We offer a number of tuition discounts for students, alumni, spouses, and seniors. We also offer a special discount program for students who are referred to Regent.

Regular On-Campus Tuition Benefits

The following benefits are offered for courses every term and can be applied for as part of the regular course registration process. These benefits are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Benefits cannot be banked but must be used in the same term as the courses that determine the eligibility.
  • No partial benefit can be combined with a second partial benefit to receive free tuition.
  • Each registration incurs a $35 non-refundable registration fee.  Students may apply for the benefit up until the Course change & 100% deadline but those applying after the payment deadline will be subject to late payment fees. All other fees and policies apply in full.

Student 50% Audit Benefit

Students taking a minimum of 9 credit hours in one term are eligible to audit courses in the same term at 50% off the regular audit tuition.

Graduate 50% Audit Benefit

Students who have graduated from Regent College are eligible to audit courses at 50% off the regular audit tuition. The purpose of this benefit is to encourage graduates to continue their theological education.

Seniors 50% Audit Benefit

Students who are 65 years of age or older can audit courses at 50% off the regular audit tuition. The purpose of this benefit is to encourage seniors, who often have a reduced income, to explore theological studies.

Spousal $100 Audit Benefit

The Maureen Bennett Memorial Fund was established by Don Bennett as a memorial to his beloved wife Maureen for the purpose of ensuring Regent’s ongoing commitment to financially assist the spouses of its students to register for courses, thereby participating in the learning environment of their spouses, strengthening the marriage relationships, and enhancing their experience of the Regent community.

Download the application form for this benefit in the Files for Download section of this webpage.

If a student (Student #1) is admitted to a program and is already registered for a minimum of 9 on-campus credit hours in a term, and his or her spouse is not enrolled in a program, the spouse who is not enrolled in a program (Student #2) is eligible to audit one course for $100 during that same term. The purpose of this benefit is to enhance the marriage relationship, allowing both partners to share in the learning process and to facilitate the couple’s potential in joint ministry. Only one spouse may receive this tuition benefit at a time, and that spouse may not receive another tuition benefit in the same term. Please note the audit benefit cannot be applied to priority enrollment courses which include travel courses and seminars. 


Other Tuition Benefits

These benefits either apply to special categories of courses or are only offered at specific times of the year. They require additional application forms (see each benefit’s description for more information).

Parachurch 50% Tuition Benefit

Regent College will grant a 50% reduction in tuition fees (for up to 30 credit hours) for students currently working full-time for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (Canada and USA), Young Life (Canada), the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), University Christian Ministries (UCM), and A Rocha.

This benefit is offered only to students admitted to Regent College. A completed Parachurch Tuition Benefit Form must accompany each term’s registration form, together with payment of applicable fees. An application must be made each term that benefits are sought. The Parachurch benefit can be used for a maximum of 30 credit hours. Guided studies, courses offered off-campus, and courses taken for audit are not eligible for this benefit.

Download the application form for this benefit in the Files for Download section of this webpage.

Please note that MALTS students who apply and qualify for the parachurch tuition benefit will receive it in the form of a percentage discount distributed evenly over the four payment deadlines.

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