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Student Employment Opportunities

Many students find part-time work during their studies, both on and off-campus. These include Student Employee positions within the College, teaching assistantships, and part-time work off campus.

To view current listings, visit our Student Employment page in the Current Students section.

international students on a study permit

As a full-time Regent student (taking a minimum of 18 credit hours per academic or calendar year) with a valid study permit, you are permitted to work either on or off campus (effective June 1, 2014).

You can also work long distance either by phone or internet. Your employer must be located outside of Canada and you must be remunerated from outside Canada as well. An example would be editing or translating text.

For information on work permits, visit the Study and Work Permits page.


Spouses of full-time foreign students may accept part- or full-time employment either on or off campus. They must obtain a work permit from Canadian Immigration prior to commencing the work.

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