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For the 2022-23 Academic Year, Chapel will be hybrid.

At Regent, we desire that our weekly Chapels be events in which we gather to worship our Triune God; we also hope that the Lord uses them to enrich the spiritual community of the College. While the current moment necessitates the need for hybrid Chapels for a season, our hopes and desires have not changed! We will continue to gather to worship our God and in doing so, trust that the spiritual community of Regent will be enriched and animated by the life of the Spirit.

We also recognize, though, that gathered worship online can feel empty, awkward, or just odd. That in mind, we have put together a few thoughts that we hope will help you participate meaningfully if you will be joining us for Chapel via Zoom this year.

It's important to be together

  • If you are able, do participate in the live Zoom Chapel—and in the company of the majority of the community.
  • Use Zoom's Gallery View. Zoom in on the biggest screen you have, so as to fit as many faces as you can onto one screen.

In gathered worship, Participation is key

  • We encourage you to sing, pray, and join in with responsive prayers and readings.
  • If possible, turn on your video!
  • Organize your screen so you can see the Chapel Map and people’s faces. (Hint: if you have a second screen—like a phone or tablet—use that device as your Chapel Map by visiting

Remember that you are embodied

  • If you are able, stand to sing.
  • Bow or kneel and close your eyes to pray.

your physical surroundings matter

  • If you can, find a space in your home which is different to the space you study in, and which is free from distractions.
  • Do something tangible to make your space a 'place of worship' (e.g., light a candle, bring your physical Bible, or set up an icon).

In sum, remember that Chapel is not a "show from the front." Even though the hybrid nature of Chapels this term might present some obstacles to human connection, remember that gathered worship is meaningful only insofar as you participate, and that you are worshipping "in the same [Zoom] room" with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

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