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Moving to and Living in Vancouver


This page contains important information about Metro Vancouver’s transit system, as well as information on the U-Pass program, which gives Regent students helpful access to all of Metro Vancouver’s transit system.

Public transportation in Vancouver

Vancouver has a fairly extensive public transportation system called Translink. It includes buses, a light rail system called the SkyTrain, and a commuter ferry called the SeaBus.

The Translink website has information about routes and schedules, and a very useful trip planning feature on its home page. Wondering how to get to Regent by public transit? Visit our Getting Here page.

Access Public Transportation with your U-PASS

If you're studying on campus in Vancouver, you will need three things to access Metro Vancouver's public transit:

  • A UBC card
  • A Compass card to access Translink
  • Access to UBC's U-Pass Program, in which students taking 3 or more credits are automatically enrolled via their student fees

Opting Out of the U-Pass Program

Online students living outside of Metro Vancouver are eligible to opt out of U-Pass Program, provided they heed the Opt Out deadlines. Click the button below to learn more.

Opt Out of the U-Pass

UBC Card, U-Pass and Compass Card

What is a U-Pass?

The U-Pass program at UBC provides Regent College students with affordable and unlimited access to Vancouver's bus, SeaBus, and SkyTrain systems in all zones.

The pass costs $45.10 per month, and in Fall and Winter terms is charged up front for the entire term ($180.40 for 4 months) as part of your student fees. The U-Pass fee is mandatory when registered for 3 or more credit hours (and optional at 3 or more audit hours) in a given semester. This is significantly cheaper than a regular monthly transit pass which costs around $189.45 per month. 


In order to access transit with your U-Pass, you'll need a UBC card and Compass Card. The Compass Card is a durable, re-loadable electronic fare card that you will load your U-Pass benefit onto each month. Whenever you ride a bus or skytrain, you simply tap your Compass Card to get on board. You need to carry your UBC card with you in case you are asked to show proof that you are a student.

To get your UBC card, Compass Card, and to access your U-Pass for the first time, see detailed instructions below.

For full details about this program, visit the UBC U-Pass website.

How do I get my UBC Card, Compass Card & U-Pass?

To get your UBC Card and Compass Card, follow these steps:

Step 1: Obtain your UBC Student Card

  • If you are new to Regent, or if your UBC card has expired or will expire soon, you can request your UBC Card at UBCcard Online Services.  Please note that your photo must meet the specifications set out here

Step 2: Purchase your Compass Card (if you do not already have one)

  • Available for $6 at the UBC Bookstore or other locations around the city.

If you already have your UBC Card and Compass Card, follow these steps:

Step 3: Sign up for an Affiliate Campus Wide Login Account

  • Note: if you are a UBC alumni, please do not use your previous CWL.  You must create a new affiliate CWL.  Please refer to this helpdesk page for further details. 
  • Visit UBC CWL Account SignUp page
  • Click on Create New CWL
  • Proceed through and select AFFILIATE as your account type.
  • Enter your details and create a login and password.
  • Your UBC AFFILIATE NUMBER is is your 8-digit UBC number (see your REGIS profile or UBC Card).
  • Your DEFAULT PASSWORD is your date of birth in the format YYMMDD.
  • Information on how to set up a CWL without a UBC Card can be found here.

Step 4: Link your U-Pass and Compass Card

  • Go to
  • Select UBC as your school
  • Enter your CWL login and password
  • Request your U-Pass BC Benefit for the upcoming month 
  • After the 16th day of each month you can link your U-Pass BC benefit for following month

For full details about this program, visit the UBC U-Pass website.

What if I don't live in Vancouver? Can I opt out of this?

Yes. You qualify for a U-Pass exemption if you live outside of Metro Vancouver AND all your courses are online. Learn more and begin the opt out process by visiting this U-Pass exemption page. Please note: you must heed the deadlines listed on this U-Pass page, or your application for exemption will be denied.

If you have trouble navigating this process, please email [email protected].

Am I eligible for a U-Pass in the Summer?

Summer U-Passes are available on a monthly basis depending on the classes you are registered for. The U-Pass will be available for the month that your class begins until the month when your last assignment is due. For example, if your class starts May 30 and the last assignment is due July 18, as long as you meet one of the requirements below, you will get the U-Pass for May, June, and July.

(a) If you are a returning student who paid student fees in the previous Fall or Winter term and are taking 3 or more credit hours in a given month in the Spring and/or Summer terms, the U-Pass will be mandatory for the months your class(es) are in session.

(b) If you are a newly-admitted student enrolled in a program and you are taking 3 or more credit hours in a given month in the Spring and/or Summer terms, the U-Pass is mandatory for the months your class(es) are in session .

(c) If you meet the criteria of (a) or (b) but you are only taking audit hours, you can opt in to pay the U-Pass as long as you are taking 3 or more audit (or audit + credit) hours in a given month in the Spring and/or Summer terms (counted from the first day of class to the last assignment due date).

Please note that if you did not pay Student Fees in either the Fall or Winter terms, or you are not a new student enrolled in a program, you will not be eligible for the U-Pass during the Summer Sessions.

Other important information

Carry your UBC Card in conjunction with your Compass Card whenever riding public transit. TransLink may fine individuals using the U-Pass who are not able to produce their Student ID card when asked.

Keep your card safe. Replacement cards can be purchased at the UBC Bookstore for $6 or any SkyTrain Station or Fare Dealer Location for $16

More information about the Compass Card and U-Pass can be found here.


The Vancouver International Airport is located just 20 minutes from campus by car, and is also accessible by public transit using the SkyTrain's Canada Line


Vancouver has many cycling paths crossing the city. Many students buy a good raincoat for the wet days and cycle to Regent. UBC and Regent are separated from the city by a beautiful forested park, which makes cycling and walking a wonderful experience.

UBC provides online cycling routes, or you can visit the City of Vancouver's site.


If you plan to drive in BC during your time at Regent, here are a few things to consider.

Driver's licenses and car insurance can be obtained through the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC).

According to ICBC, if you are a full-time visiting student (whether Canadian or international), you can retain your driver's license from your home province or country. However, this applies only to the registered student, not to your spouse. Spouses can drive on their current license for three months, but then are required to get a BC driver's license. This period can be extended to six months if they have an International Driving Permit. International students are advised to keep a copy of their study permit and UBC card with them while driving.

If you are a North American student, you can either insure your vehicle with ICBC, or you may be able to retain insurance coverage from your home province or state, providing you register the insurance with ICBC. Detailed information can be found on the ICBC website.


Regent College has a small pay parking lot in which students, visitors, and members of the public are welcome to park. Some spots are designated for staff and faculty during work hours, but plenty of other spots are available too. Please note that payment is required during both daytimes and evenings, with reduced rates from 6 pm onwards.

For our Spring and Summer students, we are pleased to offer a 50% discount on our daily rate. Students will be able to park on a first-come, first-served basis for $9 per day. Visit Regent Summer Parking to get your code.

A number of additional parking options are available on the wider UBC Campus, including:

  1. University Chapel - a short walk from Regent, U Chapel sells monthly parking passes at reasonable rates. A limited number of weekly passes and daily passes are also available. Contact University Chapel directly at 604.222.0800 or [email protected]
  2. UBC Parking Passes - available through UBC Parking. Hourly rates for visitors are also available. Please visit their website for up-to-date rates. 

Taxis / Uber

A taxi fare from Regent to downtown Vancouver or from Regent to the airport is approximately $35. These are the most common taxi companies operating in Vancouver.

  • Black Top & Checker Cabs, 604.683.4567, toll-free 1.800.494.1111
  • MacLures Cabs, 604.683.6666
  • Vancouver Taxi, 604.871.1111, toll-free 1.800.871.8294
  • Yellow Cab, 604.681.1111, toll-free 1.800.898.8294

Uber also operates in Vancouver. You will need to download the app to access this service.

BC Ferries

Planning to explore some of the islands off the coast of Vancouver? Visit the BC Ferries website for schedules and fares.

Trains and buses

  • The Rocky Mountaineer offers train rides to Whistler.
  • VIA Rail is Canada's chief railway line, connecting Vancouver with the rest of the country.
  • Amtrak Cascades carries passengers between Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland.
  • Greyhound provides bus transportation between cities, and covers routes across the entire country.

More information

For more information on transit in Vancouver, visit the BC Passport website.

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