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Counselling Service

Regent College is committed to helping foster the growth and health of the whole person. We acknowledge that during your time as a student at Regent, you may require some additional help and support to navigate the complexities of life. Whether you struggle with depression, anxiety or simply want to work on your communication skills—you could benefit immensely from counselling. 

Regent College is privileged to have a network of counsellors and therapists in the Vancouver area, based on their evangelical Christian confession, their professional competence and clinical experience, alongside their standing within the local Christian community. These counsellors are committed to helping Regent students by offering discounted rates. Rates vary between individual counsellors, and it is your responsibility to establish the rate and make payment to the counsellor of your choice.


This service is self-referral. A binder with the professional bios, areas of specialization, and contacts of participating counsellors is available outside Office 227 (Assistant Dean of Students' Office). On the basis of this information, you decide upon the appropriate counsellor for your need. While the College provides this referral information for competent Christian therapists, we are not in a position to recommend any particular counsellor to you.


For students with the AMS coverage your yearly plan (Jan - Dec) includes a counselling subsidy ($300). You will be required to pay the counsellor directly and file for reimbursement through AMS once you have receipts for these appointments.


The College does not provide either medical or psychiatric assistance and hospitalization. For psychiatric help, the individual’s medical doctor is the appropriate referral professional.

UBC also offers a counselling service, which is accessible to Regent students. While this counselling service is not faith based, it offers qualified, experienced therapists who can provide assessment and referral to other resources on campus and in the community.  Please see the UBC website under the ‘Counseling, Health and Wellness’ section or call 604-822-3811 for more information.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact the Vancouver Crisis Line at 604-872-3311 or call 911.  Feel free to inform the Dean of Students if you have need for further follow-up and support.

The Counselling Service is facilitated by the Dean of Students Office and is for all students studying at Regent College.

Spiritual Direction Service

Regent College acknowledges the transformational benefits of Spiritual Direction and offers students the opportunity to engage in spiritual direction through the Spiritual Direction Service.


Spiritual Direction helps you discern how God is working in your life at the moment and become more in tune with the Spirit’s work in your life.

Spiritual Direction offers:

•        the opportunity to verbalize our understandings about God with a trained individual who can help reflect back God’s particular and personal work of love in our lives.

•        a coming together of heart knowledge and head knowledge

•        a reflective process rather than a directive one

•        a focusing on developing and nurturing our personal relationship with God

•        teaching towards hearing God’s voice in our lives over other voices

•        heightening our awareness of the Sacred in our lives

•        discernment of God’s grace and invitations in our lives


Regent College is privileged to have a network of spiritual directors in the Vancouver area who have agreed to offer discounted rates for Regent students. Spiritual direction is offered on an individual basis or in a group, depending on your needs and resources. The rates vary according to the type of direction and the individual director. It is your responsibility to establish the rate and make payment to the director of your choice.

Students can access the Spiritual Direction Service by setting up a brief meeting with John Lunn who will review the parameters of the program and give you access to the directors in the program. John is on campus every Tuesday during the Fall and Winter terms and can be contacted by emailing

The Spiritual Direction Service is facilitated by the Dean of Students Office for all students studying at Regent College.

Living Well Forums

Each term, we offer two to three Living Well Forums on student life issues and spiritual nurturing. Some of the topics we have covered so far include spirituality in the daily life of students, discussions surrounding various aspects of mental health, and the art of fundraising.

Visit the Events page for information on upcoming forums.

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