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worship and community

Regent College is an international and transdenominational community. Our students come from over 40 countries and represent over 30 denominations. This richness informs everything we do at Regent!


We hold a weekly Chapel gathering every Tuesday, and we offer a number of regular prayer and retreat opportunities for students throughout the academic year.

Tuesday Chapel

Fostering a community of worship and enriching the spiritual life of the College are the reasons why we gather for Chapel each week. Chapel is held from 11:00 am–12 pm every Tuesday during the Fall and Winter terms and 11:45-12:30pm in the Spring and Summer terms. This is the one regularly scheduled opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to come together for gathered worship. Our Chapel gatherings are also attended by members of the wider community, students dropping in from UBC, and visitors to our campus. All are welcome! Learn more about the Chapel at Regent.

Prayer Chapel on the ground floor

The Prayer Room on the ground floor is available for individual and group prayer. A weekly midday prayer gathering happens here every Wednesday from 12:30-1:00pm in the fall and winter terms. To book this room in advance, please contact [email protected].

Prayer nook on upper floor

A beautiful prayer space existing on the upper level of the College. Free-standing stained glass panels create a secluded corner beside a hanging painting of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Come and visit this quiet, sheltered space alone in meditation or with a few of your fellow students for prayer.

Participating in a local church

We hope that all of our students, while studying at Regent, will worship and participate in a church community. 

Looking for a church community? Contact the Associate Dean of Students for resources on church communities in Vancouver.

Spiritual Direction

Regent offers a spiritual direction program for students. Visit the Living Well page for more information.


The Dean of Students Office, often partnering with the Regent College Student Association, organizes events and forums for students to get to know each other, interact with staff and faculty, and bond as a community. Watch our events calendar for upcoming events.

Fall Retreat

Each September, students and their families, together with Regent faculty and staff, gather for a weekend retreat at RockRidge Canyon in Princeton, BC. It is here—in an atmosphere of relaxed fellowship, worship, prayer (and more than a little creative distraction!)—that the tone is set for the coming year. We encourage each of you to join us. 

Details for the upcoming Fall Retreat, including information on how to register, are available via the Events page of the website in July.

Community groups

We encourage all students and their families to join a community group at Regent. These groups are led by an appointed faculty and/or student leader. Each week they gather for one hour of fellowship and discussion following the Tuesday Chapel gathering

Many groups plan a weekend retreat together and/or other activities such as meals, service opportunities, and social activities. To sign up for a community group on campus, head to

For students who aren't with us on campus, we offer many ways to build online community—see below for ways to partcipate meaningfully in both groups and events while studying online.


Regent College hosts several events during the year that draw people together. Special events include a Christmas celebration in the Fall term, Taste of the World (a big gathering where people bring food from their various cultures)and L'Chaim (our end of year party) in the Winter Term. Refer to our events calendar for dates and times of upcoming events.

Online Community

Join a Pod

Pods are groups of six people that will meet ONLINE for an hour each week as a casual space for personal connection, care and prayer. To sign up to join a pod, head to

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