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Moving to and Living in Vancouver


Regent College is located across the street from the UBC Village, which has restaurants and eateries, grocery stores, a pharmacy, an office supply store, banks, pubs, and many other amenities.

To access UBC facilities and services you will need a UBC card. You will also need a Campus Wide Login (CWL) to access computer labs, library accounts, and other online services.

Money and Finance


Several banks offer special student accounts that reduce the service fees charged on accounts. The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) and the Bank of Montreal (BMO) are located across the street from Regent in the University Village. Other banks have Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) at various locations on campus.

You may wish to compare services, products, fees and branch locations at the most commonly used banks:

  • Bank of Montreal: 1.800.363.9992 (in North America) or (branch on campus)
  • Scotiabank: 1.800.472.6842 (in North America) or (branch on campus)
  • Royal Bank: 1.800.769.2511 (in North America) or Ask about student banking packages because the service fees are lower; many of these packages include a credit card option.
  • Vancity: 1.888.836.2489 (in North America) or
  • CIBC: 1.800.465.2422 (in North America) or (branch on campus but does not work with Interac)
We recommend that you do not carry large amounts of cash on you while en route to Canada. Currency exchange services are available at the Vancouver airport and at any of the major banks or credit unions in the city. Traveller’s cheques, debit, and credit cards are widely accepted in Vancouver.

Transferring Funds to Canada

  • BANK DRAFT: obtain a bank draft for the amount you wish to transfer and bring it with you to Canada. It could take more than thirty days for the bank draft to be processed.
  • WIRE TRANSFER SERVICE (also called electronic or cable transfers): request at your local bank to send money to a new bank account in Canada. This money will be available immediately once transferred to Canada; check with your local bank about its processing times.
  • BANK CARD: use your electronic bank card for your bank in your home country to withdraw money from your home account at an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) in Canada. The Plus and Cirrus networks are widely available in Vancouver. check with your bank about the practicality of this option. various service charges can apply for using your bank card outside the country and exchange rates will fluctuate daily.

US Dollar Accounts

Virtually all Canadian banks can provide you with US dollar accounts. You can deposit the funds you are bringing with you in US currency, then convert amounts to Canadian dollars only as you need—this will work to your benefit especially if the Canadian dollar falls in value. While Regent will let you pay your tuition in US dollars, you will probably get a better exchange rate from a bank. You can also open a Canadian dollar account for your everyday needs. A good place to exchange your currency is the Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange: It tends to give a better exchange rate than the banks.


Given most Regent students maintain significant residential ties only in Canada, they are generally considered Canadian residents for tax purposes as of the date they arrive in Canada. Income tax in Canada is relatively high, and you should be prepared to pay taxes on income from TA or SE positions, other jobs, and bank interest. Income received after moving to Canada may be taxable in Canada even if you receive it from another country. If you are selling assets or receiving other income to finance your time at Regent (and depending on your personal circumstances), you may wish to finalize transactions before entering Canada.

Students from countries that have a tax treaty with Canada may potentially not be required to pay income tax on these sources, and, with permission from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), may request that their employer stop withholding tax from their Canadian employment income. Call CRA with any questions about your specific circumstances: 1-800-267-5177 (in North America) or at 1-613-952-3741 (outside North America—collect calls accepted).

There is currently a 12% harmonized sales Tax (HST) on almost all goods and services in British Columbia. However, a referendum vote in August 2011 extinguished the HST, and the province is in the process of reinstating a separate 5% federal sales tax and 7% provincial sales tax. The GST/HST credit is a tax-free quarterly payment that helps individuals and families with low and modest incomes offset all or part of the GST or HST that they pay. The CRA will automatically determine your eligibility when you file your next income tax return. Alternatively, new residents can apply for this credit before filing their first income tax return. Details for applying for this tax credit can be found here.

You may be eligible for various tax credits or benefits even if you are not required to pay income tax. Moving expenses such as transportation and storage of personal effects, travel, and temporary accommodation may be considered as an eligible deduction, so save your receipts for the cost of relocating to Canada in case you meet the conditions for claiming the deduction. 

If you have children, you may also be eligible for Child and Family Benefits.

More information is available at


The Regent Bookstore carries all the theological literature you could hope to get your hands on. The Bookstore also offers a full range of Regent lectures and courses in various audio formats. Visit the Bookstore website for more information.

The UBC Bookstore sells university texts, trade books, general stationery, office supplies, computers and software at discounted student rates, printers, and clothing.

Computer services and IT Help Desk

IT operates a Help Desk in the library, as well as a very helpful site for students. For all IT-related questions, visit the IT website

The Regent College Student Association (RCSA) runs a small computer lab at Regent with six Internet-connected PCs, running Microsoft Office and connected to the Internet. Access to the computer lab is included in the cost of the Student Association fee.

Additional computers can be accessed at some UBC computer labs UBC computer labs.

Printing services are available through Staples, Copiesmart, and UBC Libraries.

Most students find that having their own computer is essential, as all assignments must be handed in typed. Some bring their own equipment from home, some purchase new computers in Vancouver, while others acquire second-hand computers from students leaving Regent. Canadian power supply is 120V but most computers are dual voltage.


There is a grocery store across the street from Regent College in the University Village, as well as a large supermarket, Save on Foods, about 10 minutes away by bus or car.

Mailboxes and lockers

Student mailboxes are not available due to privacy issues.  If students require an address for their personal mail to be sent to before they are settled in Vancouver, please contact reception to make arrangements. 

Student lockers are available on the lower level of the College.  A limited number of lockers are available for rent on a term by term basis.  Locker rental is managed by the Student Association (RCSA) during the Fall and Winter terms and by Reception during the Spring and Summer terms.  

Office supplies

The UBC Bookstore and Staples sell a wide variety of office supplies and equipment.

Printing, photocopying, and faxing

You can print directly from a computer in the library, after setting up a Paper Cut account through the circulation desk. There also are two coin-operated copiers in the library. The cost is  $0.10/ page. Photocopying is not available to students in the staff and faculty copy room next to Reception. 

There are a number of printing and photocopying places on campus, including Staples, Copiesmart, and UBC Libraries.

Faxing is not available to students at Regent. Faxes can be sent through Staples and Copiesmart. In the case of an urgent or confidential situation, we will accept faxes sent to students, but only if they have first received permission from Reception.

Restaurants and eateries

The Well Café, located in the Regent College Atrium, offers a selection of coffees, teas, baked goods, and light lunches. They have the best coffee deals on campus!

There is no shortage of places to eat near Regent. The closest are across the street in the University Village or in the Student Union Building about 7 minutes away on foot.

Numerous other options can be found throughout the UBC campus. Try the Café MOA at the Museum of Anthropology, or the Sage Bistro for a fine dining experience on campus. Visit UBC Food Services for a full list of eateries on campus. More information can also be found on the Attractions UBC website.

Student Association (RCSA)

The Regent College Student Association provides a number of services to Regent students, and organizes a variety of social events. Visit the RCSA page for full details.

UBC Alma Mater Society (AMS)

All Regent College students are members of the UBC Alma Mater Society (AMS). This brings a number of tangible benefits, including:

UBC Card

All students registered at Regent are eligible to get a UBC student ID card, which also serves as a UBC Library card and grants access and borrowing privileges for all UBC Library facilities. Library building access is updated every academic year but online library resources access is updated each term.  If you are not registered for any courses in the term, your online library resources access will be revoked although you retain access to Library facilities until August 31 of each year in which you register or your UBC Card expires whichever comes first.

You can request your UBC Card at UBCcard Online Services.  Please note that your photo must meet the specifications set out here.  Your 8-digit UBC student ID number is printed on the front of the card which should be the same as the UBC ID under your REGIS profile.  Your Library barcode number is printed on the back of the card, and you'll need this number to access online library databases and resources.

Please note that you can only obtain your UBC Card after you’ve registered for your courses at Regent. Once you register, we will forward your information to UBC and you will be eligible to obtain a UBC Card.

If you pay Student Fees at Regent, you can get a U-Pass (a discounted public transit pass). Eligibility is updated every term, so your UBC Card will be activated for these services only in those terms in which you pay Student Fees.

Fill out the form below and one of our Admissions Counsellors will be happy to contact you.

If you have any additional questions please ask them here.

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