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Public Lectures

Our mandate is to educate the whole people of God—and that includes the Christian community of Vancouver and beyond. We offer free public lectures by our own world-class faculty, and by visiting scholars, teachers, and authors from around the world.

We host two regular lecture series—Summer Lectures and the Laing Lectures—as well as special events throughout the year.

Most of our lectures are recorded and available as audio downloads through

Summer Lectures

In the Spring and Summer Sessions, we host lectures every week to highlight the research of our regular faculty and our visiting summer lecturers. All lectures are in the Regent College Chapel unless otherwise noted. Our lectures tend to draw large crowds, so plan to arrive early for a good seat.

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Next Public Lecture
Wednesday, 7:30PM

Sister in the Wilderness: Hagar in Art, Music, and Literature


With Amanda Russell-Jones

Our free summer Evening Public Lectures feature a wide range of professors, both guests and Regent regulars. Enjoy delving deep into a pressing issue with a wise guide; then brave the mic to ask your burning question. Better (and cheaper) than a night at the movies. 

Lecture Description: The stories of the women of the Bible have been used to categorize, exhort, or chastise women down the ages. Hagar, for example, was the most common biblical name given to enslaved African-American women. We will explore depictions of Hagar in art, music, literature, and popular culture, asking how the mirror held up to women became distorted and at what cost. We will also discover why it is that for those who regard Hagar as a "sister in the wilderness," God's dealings with her have provided hope in the midst of oppression.

Amanda Russell-Jones is a sessional lecturer at Regent. Her research involves scriptural interpretation and application on issues of slavery, and the relationship between women and the church both in historical settings and our contemporary world. Her enthusiasm for art and literature informs her understanding and evaluation of the Bible’s impact on culture and the impact of culture on biblical interpretation. Her PhD thesis from the University of Birmingham was entitled “The Voice of the Outcast—Josephine Butler’s Biblical Interpretation and Public Theology.” She has written a chapter on Butler for the forthcoming SBL publication “The Bible and the Women’s Movement in the 19th Century.”

Upcoming Public Lectures
Monday, 7:30PM

Mind the Gap: From Living Event to Gospel Story

With Darrell Bock

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Monday, 7:30PM

The Trinity and the Shape of Christian Worship

With Gordon T. Smith

Ambrose of Milan and Augustine of Hippo called for greater intentionality in our worship on a critical question: What does it mean to worship God as triune?

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Wednesday, 7:30PM

Living According to the Lord's Day: The Formative Role of Worship in Early Christianity

With Joshua Coutts

Dr. Joshua Coutts will give an evening public lecture at Regent College

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Monday, 7:30PM

Talking Our Walk: Cultivating Sacred Consciousness

With Susan S. Phillips

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Wednesday, 7:30PM

When Christians Disagree

With Wesley Hill

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