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Public Lectures

Our mandate is to educate the whole people of God—and that includes the Christian community of Vancouver and beyond. We offer free public lectures by our own world-class faculty, and by visiting scholars, teachers, and authors from around the world.

We host two regular lecture series—Summer Lectures and the Laing Lectures—as well as special events throughout the year.

Most of our lectures are recorded and available as audio downloads through

Summer Lectures

In the Spring and Summer Sessions, we host lectures every week to highlight the research of our regular faculty and our visiting summer lecturers. Due to closure of the College related to Covid-19, all of our Summer 2020 lectures will be streamed online. Please see specific lecture posts for the livestream link.

Next Public Lecture
Monday, 7:30PM

Reading Romans in a Time of Upheaval


With Wesley Hill

Regent's Evening Public Lecture series is back for another summer! Join us in person or online to explore Scripture, theology, culture, and much more with Summer Programs faculty and other exciting speakers.

To livestream this and other Evening Public Lectures, visit us at

About the Lecture

Paul's letter to the Romans has often been described as apocalyptically explosive. It announces God's intervention through Jesus Christ to bring reconciliation for enemies and restoration for the entire cosmos. In a time when disease, war, and social division are dominating our headlines, Romans offers a vision of redemption that is socially unifying, ecologically hopeful, and—above all—reassuringly God-centered.

About the Speaker

Wesley Hill is Associate Professor of New Testament at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan and an assisting priest at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His most recent book is The Lord's Prayer: A Guide to Praying to Our Father (Lexham, 2019).

Dr. Hill is teaching Male and Female in Christ from July 4 to July 8 as part of Regent’s 2022 Summer Programs.

Format and Attendance

Regent intends to offer this lecture as a live event in the College’s chapel. Under current provincial policies, this event will not require attendees to show proof of vaccination. Please be aware, however, that Regent’s event protocols will follow the guidelines in place on the event date.

This lecture will also be streamed live online, and we look forward to being joined by friends from around the world. A recording will be available for a limited time after the event.

Upcoming Public Lectures
Wednesday, 7:30PM

Reconciled to Reconcile: A Visible Witness in a Divided World

With Jules Martinez-Olivieri

In this Evening Public Lecture, theologian Jules Martínez-Olivieri discusses virtues and practices that help Christian communities grow in love and service, displaying the vitality of God’s work in the world.

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Monday, 7:30PM

The Fear of the Lord and the Virtue of Accountability

With C. Stephen Evans

In this Evening Public Lecture, philosopher C. Stephen Evans looks at “the fear of the Lord” and suggests that this virtue is best understood as a willing embrace of being accountable to God.

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Wednesday, 7:30PM

God Shows no Favouritism: The Body of Christ and the Household Codes in Ephesians

With Lynn H. Cohick

In this Evening Public Lecture, New Testament scholar Lynn Cohick looks at Paul’s insistence that God does not prefer one group over another, and considers how a careful reading of Ephesians can help us live out this truth in our communities.

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Monday, 7:30PM

Theology of the Land from a Palestinian Perspective

With Yohanna Katanacho

In this Evening Public Lecture, Yohanna Katanacho challenges popular Christian Zionist biblical support of the state of Israel and presents a biblical theology of the land from a Palestinian evangelical perspective.

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Wednesday, 7:30PM

To Make an End Is to Make a Beginning: Marking Completion in Precarious Times

With Susan S. Phillips

In this Evening Public Lecture, Susan Phillips observes that we have been challenged in these pandemic days to mark completion. How might we acknowledge and honour completion in its fullness—whether that be with celebration, lament, or satisfaction—so tha

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Monday, 7:30PM

With “Sighs Too Deep for Words”: Silence, The Holy Spirit, and Music in the Processing of Traumatic Experience

With Chelle Stearns

In this Evening Public Lecture, Chelle Stearns explores music’s strange ability to bear witness to both the experience of hopelessness and the interceding presence of the Spirit after trauma.

More Details
Wednesday, 7:30PM

Reimagining Humility

With Dennis R. Edwards

In this Evening Public Lecture, New Testament scholar Dennis Edwards argues that we need to take another look at humility, especially from a biblical perspective. In this lecture, we will explore some of the ways that the Bible presents humility and consi

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Monday, 7:30PM

The Sacred Function of Stories: How Imagination Discloses the Imago Dei

With Mary McCampbell

In this Evening Public Lecture, Dr. Mary McCampbell looks at how narrative art—literature, film, television, and popular music—can shape our imaginations, helping give us eyes to see the shared humanity of our enemies.

More Details
Wednesday, 7:30PM

God’s Voice in the Whirlwind: How Biblical Poetry Offers Hope Amidst Suffering, Grief, and Loss

With Beth M. Stovell

In this Evening Public Lecture, Old Testament scholar Beth Stovell will explore how biblical poetry offers a framework for understanding suffering, grief, and loss—and for finding a renewed vision of hope.

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