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Finance your Education

Even if you never receive financial aid, 30% of the cost of your Regent education has already been paid for by generous donors.

As a private, transdenominational school, we do not receive any government or denominational support. This means that we must rely on tuition and the generosity of donors to run our programs.

We do our best to make our programs affordable through scholarships, employment opportunities, and financial aid.

We have several different types of aid that our donors make possible.

Regent College Financial Aid

Regent College offers financial aid to full-time students on the bases of both financial need and merit. The funds are provided by donors who give generally to assist students in their programs as well as donors who give according to specific criteria. If you receive financial aid, you may be asked to write a letter of gratitude to one or more donors who provided your funds.

Regent College seeks to fulfill the following goals when distributing financial aid:

  1. Fairness to all students; and
  2. Finding an equitable balance between offering awards that are substantial enough to make a difference to our students  and offering awards to as many students as possible.

For further information, including the new application process, visit the Apply for Financial Aid page.

Revised Financial Aid Policies for the 2020–2021 academic year

Due to the increased challenges facing students, Regent College is modifying its policy regarding eligibility for receiving financial aid from the college.

  1. If you maintain 6 credit hours in the Fall or in the Winter Term, you will be eligible for a pro-rated amount (two-thirds) of the financial aid you had otherwise been awarded. Normally, you would have needed to have maintained 9 credit hours in each term.
  2. If you receive a pro-rated amount of financial aid in the Fall or Winter Terms, you will be eligible to receive the balance of your financial aid if you maintain 6 credit hours in the following Summer Term.

Note that this does not change the eligibility for student loans or the definition of "full-time student" for other purposes.

Note also that if you are not able to attend Regent College this year because of complications related to the online delivery format, you may appeal to the Financial Aid Committee to defer your award for up to one year. The two submission deadlines for appeals are:

  • July 2, 2020
  • August 18, 2020

To submit an appeal to the Financial Aid Committee, use the following email address: [email protected].

Other sources of funds

Government student loans

Canadian and American students may apply for government loans:

Note: Being on academic probation may affect your eligibility to receive a student loan.

Working part-time

You may be able to reduce or eliminate the need for a loan by working part-time. Many students find part-time work for themselves, and many spouses find part-time or full-time work.

Please note, however, that it is not realistic to expect to meet tuition and living expenses from part-time work alone. Employment while studying should be viewed as supplementary to your overall financial plan. Be aware that there are various restrictions on the type of employment foreign students can take on.

Visit our Student Employment page for more information.

External awards from donors

An external award is a donation from outside the College to cover some or all of the tuition and fees of a specific student. The donor could be an individual, an organization, or a church. The donor can pay support directly into your Regent account; these funds will be used for tuition and fees unless otherwise specified in writing by the donor.

Cheques should be made out to Regent College with an accompanying letter identifying you as the student to receive the support. Such donations are not tax deductible for the donor (only non-designated donations to the College are tax deductible).

If you are receiving support from an organization, you are required to declare this as income for tax purposes. If you are receiving support from an individual, you do not need to declare this as income (these are considered to be private gifts).

Scholarships and bursaries from other sources

We also encourage you to investigate outside sources of financial support. We advertise external scholarships on the Financial Aid notice board at Regent. You may also research scholarship sources through your local library. The Graduate Scholarship Book and The Directory of Financial Aid for Women are both good resources. Koerner Library on the UBC campus has a large section on scholarship searches.

We have compiled a list of some of the available external award possibilities, as well as websites that you may use to search for further awards:

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