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Finance Your Education

Our financial aid program aims to make Regent more accessible to students from every background.

NOTE: Financial aid applications for the 2024–2025 academic year open on January 15, 2024, at 12 pm (Pacific Time).

Studying at Regent College is a great investment, but we understand it can be costly. Regent offers financial assistance to full-time students on the bases of both financial need and merit. We seek to fulfill two main goals when distributing financial aid:

  1. Fairness to all students;
  2. Striking an equitable balance between offering awards that are substantial enough to make a real difference for recipients, and offering awards to as many students as possible.

While each incoming class is different, in recent years Regent has been able to offer awards to approximately two-thirds of financial aid applicants.

How to Apply

Regent's Financial Aid and Scholarship Process

Paying for grad school can be stressful, but the process of asking for help shouldn’t be. You can apply for financial aid for the entire length of your program at Regent in one simple step. Once you fill out an online application form:

  • You’ll be considered for every award available to incoming students. You don’t need to worry about applying for multiple scholarships separately, or about missing out on funds you didn’t know you qualified for. Our team will do the work of determining your eligibility for dozens of specific scholarships and bursaries, as well as general financial aid.

  • You’ll find out how much financial aid you can expect for the anticipated length of your program. As long as you continue to qualify for financial aid from Regent (see details below), you can plan on a steady amount of funding throughout your journey with us. Financial aid awards take the form of an annual amount available for up to the following number of years:
    • Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies: 1 year
    • Master of Arts in Christian Studies (MACS): 2 years
    • Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS): 3 years
    • Master of Divinity (MDiv): 4 years
    • Master of Theology (ThM): 1 year

Information for MALTS Students

Financial aid availability to MALTS students comes primarily through the Leadership, Theology, and Society Scholarship. This award covers 50% of the tuition for the recipient's third and fourth residencies at Regent College (roughly equivalent to the second year of the program), including their Capstone Retreat. 

Students interested in MALTS are encouraged to submit a Financial Aid Application. For further information about paying for the MALTS program, please see this FAQ page.

Financial Aid and Other Funding

Most students rely on a combination of funding sources to pay for their tuition and living expenses while studying at Regent. See the other pages in this section for information about Canada and US student loans and other sources of funding, such as part-time work and external awards. Click here to learn more about tuition, fees, and other costs.

Note: Financial aid awarded by Regent College can be applied to tuition expenses only, and is deposited directly into the recipient’s student account. These funds cannot be used for other purposes. See below for details.

Financial Aid Eligibility and Usage

Students must meet a number of criteria to qualify and maintain eligibility for financial aid and scholarships from Regent College. Please review the following information carefully.


The following criteria are necessary to qualify for financial aid and to maintain eligibility:

  1. You must be admitted to a graduate program at Regent College. You are welcome to submit your application for financial aid while your application for admission is in process, but your financial aid application will not be processed until you are admitted to the College without any conditions.

  2. You must be enrolled in 6 credit hours in each Fall or Winter term for which you receive financial aid. 
  3. Note: In establishing your eligibility for financial aid, audit hours and credit hours taken at another institution are not considered.

  4. You must not be on academic probation (see the Academic Integrity, Probation & Appeals section of the Academic Catalogue).

  5. You must not receive any credit tuition benefit (Parachurch 50% Credit Benefit or an Employee 100% Credit Benefit). This does not apply to audit tuition benefits; however, financial aid cannot be applied to the cost of auditing a course (see Fine Print below).

Fine Print

  • Financial aid may be used only for tuition for courses taken for credit at Regent College.

  • Financial aid funds may not be used to pay fees, tuition for auditing, or living expenses.

  • Financial aid funds must be declared as taxable income when filing your Canadian income tax. All non-Canadian students should apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) upon arrival in order to receive tuition receipts for tax purposes.

  • Any funds remaining unused at the end of the academic year (i.e., August) will revert to Regent College.

Contact the Financial Aid Office

Email (preferred): [email protected]

Phone: 1.604.224.3245 x315 or toll-free 1.800.663.8664

In-person: To schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid Officer, please use the button below. Please note that you will need a mask for your appointment. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Tuesdays 9:30am to 10:30 am; Wednesdays 2:00pm to 3:30pm; Thursdays 10:00am to noon. 
  • Each appointment is 15 minutes.
  • Students will be required to wear a mask.
  • Appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.
  • All visitors must follow Regent’s COVID-19 health and safety protocol.
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