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Scholarships and Bursaries

Regent offers dozens of scholarships and bursaries to students who qualify based on their background, experience, or goals.

Did you know?

Even if you never receive financial aid, you’ll benefit from the generosity of Regent donors. The tuition prices you see represent the cost of a Regent education after donors have covered 30% of the College’s costs. Without those donors, students would have to pay an extra $2 million a year! You’re being supported by the global Regent family before you ever see a tuition bill.

Donors make it possible

As a private, transdenominational school, Regent doesn’t receive any denominational support. That means that all student financial aid disbursed by Regent College is provided by our generous donor community.

How Scholarships Work at Regent

Every year, Regent distributes dozens of named scholarships and bursaries. Many of these awards are tied to certain qualifications, such as a geographical background, work or ministry experience, or vocational plans. Rather than ask incoming students to determine which scholarships they are qualified for and apply to each one individually, our financial aid team does the work of comparing each financial aid applicant with available scholarships. Submit one application, and you’ll automatically be considered for the full range of scholarships being offered.

Regent also offers a few scholarships designed to facilitate the work of continuing students. Examples include awards to students taking a specific course, funding for research in specific areas, and certain forms of emergency assistance. These may require a separate application to be submitted at some point during a student’s program—such opportunities are advertised in a variety of ways throughout the year.

Founders’ and President’s Merit Awards

First-year students with a history of academic excellence may qualify for a Founders’ or President’s Merit Award. Qualifying financial aid applicants will be considered for these awards automatically; no separate application is required.

Qualifications: Recipients must have a GPA of 3.6 or above and complete at least 9 on-campus credit hours per term (distance education courses do not qualify). These awards are available to first-year students only.

Award Amount: Merit awards typically range from $2,000 to $3,000.

Applications: Students who may qualify for a Merit Award are encouraged to submit their financial aid applications as soon as possible, as funding is limited each year.

A Few of Our Scholarships

The following are just a few of the many scholarships available to incoming Regent students. If you can’t imagine yourself qualifying for any of these, don’t worry: there are plenty more. And remember: we’ll do the work of matching your qualifications to the types of funds available. All you need to do is apply!

Heart, Soul & Mind Entrance Scholarship

Heart, Soul & Mind Scholarships are available to students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma, MACS, MATS, and MDiv programs. Consideration is based on the material provided in the student's financial aid application and application for admission to the College, with particular focus on academic merit, life experience, work history, volunteer service, community contribution, and personal references. Learn more here.

Receiving this scholarship eases the financial burden off me. It’s going to help me fully concentrate on studying and growing in the knowledge of God, without distractions and worries about finances.
—Praveen K. Desabathula (India)

When I received notification of this scholarship just before Christmas, I felt God reassure me that he is in control. It sounds cliché, feeling reassured after receiving financial aid, but when God reassures you, he is not ashamed to hit you with an emotional tsunami to remind you he cares!
—Ivan Arlantico (Philippines)

Jubilee Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who have experience with incarnational ministry in marginalized communities and are committed to continue this type of ministry in the future.

I come to Regent looking to help people know and glorify God in vocational ministry. I’ve felt called to ministry since I was a child. I grew up in unique circumstances and have been forced to learn a lot about the world through hardships, but I have been lucky enough to see how Christ can transform someone’s life as they know him. I’m excited about my future and about the things I’m learning at Regent. I’m glad that I get to be a part of Christ’s work of transforming people, and I am glad this scholarship helped make it possible!
—Jordan Powell (Canada)

Winifred Rennie Scholarship

This scholarship is given to female Master’s students who intend to enter full-time ministry after completing their Regent degree. Dedicated to the memory of a woman with leadership abilities that went unrecognized by the evangelical church of her day, this scholarship is intended by its funders to encourage and support similarly-gifted women in today’s church.

Paul Stevens Marketplace Theology Scholarship

This scholarship provides $1,000 to Master of Divinity students who take a course in the area of marketplace theology. Named in honour of Paul Stevens, Professor Emeritus of Marketplace Theology and Leadership, the award encourages future pastors and church leaders to think theologically about the vocations of laypeople they will one day serve. Learn more here.

While I sometimes worry about not earning my keep like I did when working, I also enjoy spending time as a student, digging deeper into questions that I had before but could not pursue as intently as I would like, and discovering new questions as I go. What a joy to sit at God’s feet daily, asking, “Dear Lord, what are you doing in this world, how can I participate, and how can I help others flourish in their participation?” This scholarship helped make that possible.
—Jerusha Lieow (Malaysia)

Brazilian Student Scholarship

This scholarship was created in 2018 to support Brazilian students at Regent College. A scholarship of $3,000 will be distributed to an eligible student of Brazilian citizenship. If no Brazilian student is eligible in a given year, the scholarship may be given to a student from elsewhere in Latin America.

William I. Neufeld and Henry H. Voth Scholarships

These scholarships assist international students who have completed their first year of studies but lack the necessary funds to continue. They are named in honour of two self-taught immigrants who struggled to pay for formal education, but persevered to become teachers and church leaders in their communities.

I moved to Vancouver with my husband so we could both pursue studies at Regent. The Henry H. Voth Scholarship was very helpful to us. Working as a care aide for a lady with ALS here in Vancouver has given me an interest in disability studies—theological reflection on the frailty of our bodies and what it means to be human within our obvious limitations. Receiving this scholarship opened up the possibility for me to dive more deeply into my field of interest and see where God leads me.
—Débora Silva Raimundo (Portugal)

Tamara Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to Canadian women who come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds or plan to work with marginalized and disadvantaged women.

I grew up in Comox, on Vancouver Island. I did my bachelor’s degree in History, and I have a master’s degree in International Development Studies. After graduating, I spent several months volunteering in developing countries. My time abroad raised important questions about Christianity and social work, as well as theological and exegetical questions about the role of women in church and society. These questions led me to Regent. Balancing part-time jobs with studies and volunteer work has been challenging, which is why I really appreciated this scholarship. It really made a big difference.
—Erica Bowler (Canada)

Richard and Ivy Job Memorial Scholarship

This award is given to students from India or Malaysia, in honour of a Regent alumnus who lived and studied in both these countries before making his way to Vancouver later in life.

I decided to come to Regent with a hope of getting equipped and a desire to learn about Christianity in different cultures. I was not able to receive all the financial support I needed from back home in Malaysia, where I served in full-time youth ministry, so I am deeply grateful for this scholarship. Coming to Regent has been a leap of faith and a humbling process. I thank God that it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
—Joseph Leong Tze Hoe (Malaysia)

Mary Elizabeth Bramhall Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is designated for students intending to work in children’s ministry in a church, parachurch, or missionary context.

As I finish up my second year at Regent, I must admit that the longer I study, the more I enjoy my studies! This semester has been fairly challenging, lots of hard work, but the things I have learned and studied have been extremely important and beneficial for my spiritual growth. It’s also been a busy season with my work as a Children’s Ministry Coordinator at a local church: this spring we took on re-building our church playground!
Saana Walker (Finland)

Jesse Ketchum Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is given to one North American and one international student per year. It is provided by Knox Presbyterian Church in Toronto, in memory of businessman and philanthropist Jesse Ketchum’s provision of land and financial support for the church’s founding in 1820.

Kennedy Family Pentecostal Bursary

This bursary has been created and funded by the Kennedy family to honour the ministry of their parents and grandparents in the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) and is available to a student who has been or is involved in ministry in a PAOC church or to credential holders in the PAOC.

Conway Holy Land Travel Bursary

The Conway Holy Land Travel Bursary gives Regent students the opportunity to apply for funds to support research and travel in the Holy Land, with a particular focus on inter-religious dialogue and understanding. After their return, recipients share their research with the Regent community in the form of a public lecture or presentation.

Please note that this award has a separate application, and is intended for students who have already completed at least one semester at Regent.

More information

In 2011, Dr. John Conway generously endowed an annual $7,500 bursary for research and travel to the Holy Land. The bursary is intended to foster inter-religious dialogue and understanding of the region’s past and present and will be awarded to students interested in promoting a more peaceable and just future for this deeply troubled part of our world. Preferential attention will be given to the study and research of Christian-Jewish relations or Christian-Muslim relations.

I’d spent time studying theology of place and its implications for the arts, and I applied for the bursary because I was intrigued to see how some of those theories would land in the real world, in a place that is contested. In Israel and Palestine, the Holy Land—whatever you want to call that little space between the Mediterranean and the desert—two different people groups are staking a political claim on the same land. I wanted to understand more about the cultural identity of both of those people groups and, specifically, how that identity comes out in their artistic expression.
Corey Janz (“Art and the Other in the Holy Land,” 2016)

Recent Projects:

"A Theology of Holy Tears: Lament in the Holy Land" – Allysen Mahaffey, 2019

"Hospitality, Embodied Experience, and Jürgen Moltmann’s Theology of Hope" – Bryana Russell, 2018

"Pilgrimage in the Holy Land: Then and Now" – Antje Carrell, 2017

Qualifications: You must be an admitted Regent College student who has completed at least 9 credits. You must return to study on campus at Regent for at least one term immediately following your travels. The research and travel must occur in the calendar year the award is given.

Benefit: This is a $7,500 bursary for research and travel to the Holy Land. Of this total, $6,500 of the bursary will be applied to the travel, with the remaining $1,000 being applied to Regent on-campus tuition following the trip.

Deadline: Annually around February 21

Recipient Requirements: If you receive this bursary, you are encouraged to establish Holy Land contacts with churches or other agencies engaged in such ecumenical encounters. You will be expected to return to the College for at least one regular term (Fall or Winter). Upon returning, you will be expected to prepare a written report to the bursary committee and to give a public account of your travels to the larger Regent community.

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