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Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies

Build a firm framework of understanding in Christian Scripture, theology, history, and practice. Return to daily life reinvigorated, with a deeper sense of your calling.

The Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies Is ...

Flexible: Study at your own pace and control your own curriculum, choosing 50% of your courses. Take as long as you need to finish. 

Relevant: Invest in a program designed to show you how Christ is integral to every square inch of life—whether you're at church, the office, the cottage, or the workshop. 

Transferable: If you decide to pursue further study, all of your credits can be transferred to Regent's MA in Theological Studies or MDiv programs.

Students who take this program typically ...

  • are taking a sabbatical to reflect on their vocation or ministry;
  • want to deepen their understanding of faith, but don't need a master's degree for their vocation; or
  • want to test the waters of theological study before committing to a full master's degree.

Seventy-five per cent of GradDipCS students go on to complete a master’s degree at Regent. The other 25% typically leave with fresh energy to return to their existing vocations or pursue new vocational directions.

I came to study the GradDipCS at Regent with two goals at the front of my mind. First, I was seeking God's direction on whether to continue with a career in finance. Second, I wanted to be equipped for wherever God was calling me in the future. It turns out that Regent was the perfect place to explore these goals, and so much more! I've now returned to my career in finance: Regent affirmed that this is where God wants me now, and equipped me to build up God's kingdom in this unique context where he has placed me.
Andrew Phin
GradDipCS '17

Application Requirements

If you are less than 28 years old, you must have a bachelor's degree to apply to this program. If you are 28 or older, you may apply to the program if you can show that your life experience (including work and education) is equivalent to a university degree.

Note: International students entering the GradDipCS program may need to complete an additional step as part of their study permit application process. Please see this page for details.

Program Structure

Credit Hours Completion Time Program Costs Distance Education
Full course load:
2 terms


A full course load is equivalent to 12 credits per term.

The tuition for the 2023–2024 academic year is $520 per onsite credit hour and $540 per online credit hour.

The total onsite tuition for the GradDipCS program is $12,480 (24 credit hours at $520 per credit hour).

For a breakdown of associated fees and costs of living, view our sample budget.

To help you offset the costs of graduate education, we offer scholarships, financial aid, and work opportunities on campus.

When completing the GradDipCS degree, you can take up to 12 credits of courses through Online Courses.

Program Requirements

The GradDipCS course is built so you can delve deeply into the Christian story and see why it matters for all of life. A series of required courses lay the foundation for solid, reliable theological thought, while electives give you the freedom to focus on your most burning questions.

In order to graduate from the program, you must successfully complete 24 credit hours with a GPA of 2.7 (B-) or higher. Of those 24 credits, 12 are free electives. The remaining 12 must be chosen from the Foundational Core courses listed below.  

Foundational Core Courses

In order to receive a GradDipCS, all students are required to take the following courses:

Old Testament Foundations (BIBL 501) 3
New Testament Foundations (BIBL 502) 3
One of the following:
Interdisciplinary Studies Elective 3

Additional Requirements

One of the highlights of the GradDipCS program is that it includes 12 credits of free electives, giving you the freedom decide how you want to spend your time at Regent. You can focus on a single critical question, or study more broadly: it's up to you.

Notes on the Requirements

Choosing your courses:

Old Testament Foundations (BIBL 501) and New Testament Foundations (BIBL 502) are part of the foundational core for the Master of Arts in Christian Studies, Master of Arts in Theological Studies, and the Master of Divinity (MDiv) programs. We recommend that you choose your electives carefully in light of the requirements of the master's program you may be considering.

More details are available on our Program Requirements and Policies page.

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