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The flexibility of Online Learning makes it easier than ever to start and finish your program at Regent.

New Online Learning Policy

Whether you want to try a course for interest, complete some of your degree requirements before making the move to Vancouver, or add flexibility to your busy schedule, Online Learning at Regent College helps make your goals achievable.

Start and finish well. Thanks to a change in policy, students in most Regent programs are now permitted to complete up to 50 percent of their program credits online. This means you can complete up to half your degree requirements right where you are—requiring less time away from home and away from work.

How it works

Online courses are normally delivered in one of two formats:

  1. Regent offers online access for nearly every course in its Fall, Winter, and Summer terms. Students join their class via Zoom and are able to interact with their classmates who are studying onsite.

  2. We also offer courses that are exclusively online, featuring a combination of pre-recorded lectures, live meetings with the course professor, and written interactions on Moodle. (If time zone differences prevent you from attending a live meeting, you’ll receive access to a recording.) The precise blend of these elements can be found in each course’s description.

To take a course online, you’ll need access to a personal computer and a reliable internet connection. The resources you need to complete course assignments will be available through our library’s electronic holdings. For more information on technology policies and resource access, please see the Distance Education Student Handbook.

You can take online courses for credit toward a degree program or audit them for personal enrichment. For more information, visit our Choosing Courses page.

Download the for more information on how to complete an online course.

Registering for an Online Course

When registering for a course that is offered both onsite and online, be sure to select the online option. The course code should have “ONL” next to it.

Normally, students registered in the onsite section of a course will not receive online access. This includes access to course recordings. Exceptions may be made at the course instructor's discretion. If you are taking a course onsite but need temporary online access for any reason, contact your instructor to receive permission and make arrangements. For further information on online access for onsite students please see the academic catalogue.

I started at Regent in 2020, so my education has taken place almost entirely online. Despite the fact that I wasn't able to attend in person, I found the community at Regent to be a real blessing. From classes to small group meetings.... It's just been great. And it has shaped me.
Praveen Desabathula
MATS Student, India


While every effort has been made to be accurate with the schedules below, please be advise that the list of courses are subject to change before the first day of registration of each term.

Fall 2023 Courses

Complete listing of online courses can be found in our timetable here

Note the column that indicates "Online Accessible," some of which are available "Online Only" as indicated in their course title.

Winter 2024 Courses

Complete listing of online courses can be found in our timetable here

Note the column that indicates "Online Accessible," some of which are available "Online Only" as indicated in their course title.

Registration & Payment

If you have a Regent Login, you can register online using our student registration system, REGIS. If you do NOT have a Regent Login, click on the following button and then "Request Regent Login"

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Online courses, whether they are digitally accessed onsite courses or developed for online, have a digital access fee included in their tuition rate.

For registration deadlines and other important information, visit the following pages:

  • Important Dates: registration and payment deadlines. Note: students who register late (any time after the Registration and Payment Deadline for the term) must obtain the instructor's permission to join the course.
  • Costs: current course rates and student fees
  • How to Pay: Regent College no longer accepts tuition payments via credit card. A number of other payment options are available.
  • Regent College Academic Catalogue: all academic policies
  • Admissions: information on admission, finances, and other matters related to beginning a program at Regent College
There is a tuition discount available for online courses: the Parachurch 50% Tuition Benefit. Visit the Tuition Discounts page for details.

Have questions about registration? Visit our Registration page, or contact the Registration Officer at [email protected] or 604.221.3370.

Credit Limits

We believe that theology is best learned in community here on campus. However, many people need a greater degree of flexibility to make that possible, so students in most of Regent's programs can complete up to 50 percent of their program credits online.

For program-specific limits, visit our Graduate Programs pages.

Residents of the United States

IMPORTANT NOTE: Regent College is not authorized to offer online courses to in the American states listed below due to legal barriers imposed by those states. Please contact us at [email protected] if you reside in one of those states and want to take an online course.


New Mexico
New York

Rhode Island
West Virginia

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