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How to Use This Page

Please note: The information on this page is updated regularly. We recommend that you refer to the page frequently while planning your courses.

Browse upcoming courses. Right below this introduction, you will find lists of all the courses currently scheduled for Winter 2021. Click on any course number to read a description, find out when the class meets, and review prerequisites.

See a term at a glance. To quickly get an idea of when each class meets, download the PDF timetable for Winter 2021.

Review scheduling details for specific programs and concentrations. Below the course lists, you will find information on courses that meet requirements for our Master of Divinity program and our interdisciplinary concentrations. This information is essential for students pursuing an MDiv or a concentration in Arts, World Christianity, Marketplace Theology, or History.

Check for changes and cancellations. Check to see whether your course planning is impacted by cancellations or changes to Regent's usual course schedule.

Learn about Regent's response to COVID-19. Under “Online Learning in 2020–2021,” you will find details on course formats and expectations for the academic year, as well as an overview of Regent’s approach to balancing the safety of our community with our commitment to whole-person formation.

Current & Upcoming Courses (2020–2021)

The course lists on this page provide the most up-to-date information available on Regent’s current academic schedule, but please note that course information for a term is subject to change until registration opens for that term. Registration is currently open for January Intensive courses offered in Winter 2021.

Winter 2021 Courses

All Winter courses will be offered online; most courses will also have limited space for on-campus classes. Courses offered only online are indicated below. 

Please Note: Not all course pages in REGIS have been set up yet for the Winter. Consequently, some links from the course numbers on the left may not give you correct information about the course. The missing course information will be added as soon as it is available.

January Intensive (Jan 5–9):

Note: For the following 5-day course in our January Intensive, note the times and dates carefully so that you avoid any course conflicts. See the course syllabi for readings or other assignments to do before the beginning of the courses.

Course Number Course Title Instructor PC PE Credit Hours
BIBL 579 The Book of Revelation (online only) Paul Spilsbury

1 or 2

Regular 14-Week Winter Courses (Jan 11–Apr 21):

Course Number Course Title Instructor PC PE Credit Hours
APPL 500 Soul of Ministry Ross Hastings & Don Lewis

APPL 533 Introduction to World Christianity Diane Stinton

APPL 546 Pastoral Care David Robinson

APPL 570 Learning & the Art of Teaching (online only) Jeff Greenman

2 or 3
APPL 585 / INDS 585 Marketplace Theology & Ministry (Cancelled) Paul Stevens & Clive Lim

2 or 3
APPL 586 /  SPIR 586 Spiritual Practice (weekends) Gordon Smith

2 or 3
APPL 619 Introduction to Preaching & Worship Mark Glanville

APPL 787 / HIST 787/ SPIR 787 Seminar: Spiritual Friendship Cindy Aalders

BIBL 502 New Testament Foundations George Guthrie

BIBL 503 Biblical Exegesis Mariam Kovalishyn

BIBL 508 Reading the Bible in China: 7th–20th Centuries (taught in Mandarin; online only) Grace Hui Liang

2 or 3
BIBL 627 OT Book Study: Psalms Iain Provan

BIBL 678 NT Book Study: James, Peter & Jude Mariam Kovalishyn

BIBL 701 Advanced Old Testament Exegesis Matthew Lynch
BIBL 702 Advanced New Testament Exegesis George Guthrie
BIBL 718 OT Seminar: Divine Presence in the Old Testament Matthew Lynch
GENR 301 Thesis Orientation (online only) Cindy Aalders

GENR 311 Academic Writing (Jan 10–11; online only) Bruce Hindmarsh & Carolyn Hindmarsh

GENR 313 IPIAT Orientation (online only) Bryana Russell

HIST 500 / SPIR 500 The Christian Spirit Bruce Hindmarsh

HIST 502 History of Christianity II Don Lewis

HIST 787/ APPL 787 / SPIR 787 Seminar: Spiritual Friendship Cindy Aalders

INDS 502 Christian Thought & Culture II Iain Provan & others

INDS 517 / THEO 517 Theology & Science Ross Hastings & David Robinson

INDS 560 The Christian Imagination (online only) Iwan Russell-Jones

INDS 585 / APPL 585 Marketplace Theology & Ministry (Cancelled) Paul Stevens & Clive Lim

2 or 3
INDS 610 Gospel & Culture Rhonda McEwen

INDS 722/ THEO 722 Seminar: Human Flourishing in a Technological World (online only) Jens Zimmerman

LANG 511 Introductory Hebrew II (online only) Matthew Lynch

LANG 551 Introductory Greek II (online only) Carolyn Hindmarsh

LANG 611 Intermediate Hebrew II Drew Lewis

LANG 651 Intermediate Greek II (online only) Carolyn Hindmarsh

LANG 721 Advanced Hebrew Readings (online only) Drew Lewis

SPIR 500 / HIST 500 The Christian Spirit Bruce Hindmarsh

SPIR 586 /  APPL 586 Spiritual Practice (weekends) Gordon Smith

2 or 3
SPIR 787/ HIST 787/ APPL 787 Seminar: Spiritual Friendship Cindy Aalders

THEO 500 Theology Overview (online only) Yonghua Ge

THEO 517 / INDS 517 Theology & Science Ross Hastings & David Robinson

THEO 602 Theology II (online only) Ross Hastings

THEO 630 Pastoral Ethics Mark Glanville

THEO 722/ INDS 722 Seminar: Human Flourishing in a Technological World (online only) Jens Zimmerman


2–Term Courses, Fall 2020 & Winter 2021

Course Number Course Title Instructor PC PE Credit Hours
APPL 693 Supervised Ministry A Mark Glanville

1.5 + 1.5
APPL 694 Supervised Ministry B Mark Glanville

1.5 + 1.5

For meeting dates for Supervised Ministry (APPL 693 or APPL 694) and other details, see the course syllabus.

Note: For 2-term courses, you must register for 1.5 credits in each term--Fall and Winter.

Summer Programs

Complete information about our Summer Programs is available at


Courses with Special Requirements: Some courses in these tables have check marks under columns labelled PC and PE. 

  • PC indicates that this course comes with a requirement or recommendation that you take another course (or courses) before or at the same time as this one. Click on the course number to find details in the course description.
  • PE indicates that this course gives priority enrollment to students who need the class to complete their programs, rather than being filled on a first-come-first serve basis. Be sure to register for PE courses by the Early Registration Deadline (see Important Dates).
  • For further information on prerequisites and priority enrollment courses, see the Register for Courses page.

Special Format Courses: If you are interested in a specific kind of course to fit your schedule, you can find filtered lists at the following links:

Looking For Textbooks?

Click here to see if your books are available online through the Regent Bookstore.

Program & Concentration Details

Arts, World Christianity & Marketplace Concentrations

Our Arts, World Christianity, and Marketplace concentrations draw on courses from a number of different disciplines. The following chart identifies the courses in the 2020/2021 academic year that can be applied to each concentration.

Christianity and the Arts

Winter 2021

World Christianity

Winter 2021

  • Introduction to World Christianity (APPL 533)

Marketplace Theology

Winter 2021

  • Marketplace Theology & Ministry (APPL 585/INDS 585): This course also fulfills the requirement for Marketplace field immersion.
  • Theology & Science (INDS 517/THEO 517)
  • Gospel & Culture (INDS 610)
  • Seminar: Human Flourishing in a Technological World (INDS 724/THEO 724)

History of Christianity Concentration

If you require a 600-level HIST elective for the History of Christianity concentration in the MA in Theological Studies program, you can acquire this by taking either of the following courses:

  • HIST 656 The Pastor in Historical Perspective (Fall)
  • APPL 785/SPIR 785 Seminar: Spiritual Friendship (Winter)

MDiv Information

Please note the following changes to our regular annual schedule: 

  • Missional Leadership (APPL 615) will not be offered this year. In its place, you may substitute 3 credit hours from any discipline.
  • Pastoral Care (APPL 546) will be offered in the Winter Term this year, rather than in the Fall Term.

In addition to your regular courses, you may also want to note the following electives, each of which is highly relevant to a ministry situation.

Winter 2021

  • Learning & the Art of Teaching (APPL 570)

Course Changes & Cancellations

There are currently no changes or cancellations to report.

Online Learning in 2020–2021

Regent believes strongly in embodied education. This is not merely an educational strategy, but a theological affirmation about what it means to be human. This year, we have found it necessary to balance our commitment to embodied education with the importance of guarding the health of our students, staff, and faculty. 

All courses will be available online until the end of the Summer 2021 term. Circumstances permitting, several courses in the Winter 2021 term will also include an on-campus option. On-campus seats are limited due to physical distancing requirements. Students interested in studying on campus should register no later than November 29.

While courses are delivered online, we strive to preserve a learning environment that remains both relationally rich and personally formative. Most courses will be offered in a live online format, and students are expected to be present for each class session. Absences from class continue to require the prior consent of the instructor (policy). Recordings of most 500- and 600-level courses will be available for 48 hours after each class session; however, these are intended to supplement rather than replace class attendance.

Students who cannot attend live class sessions due to their time zone must appeal to the Senior Academic Administrator ([email protected]) for permission to take the course asynchronously. This option is not available for 700-level seminar courses. 

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