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Monthly Giving

What do a professor, a bookseller, a Board member, and an alumna have in common? We all share a commitment to building a sustainable future for Regent. We all practice this commitment through monthly giving. And we all want you to join us.

Start Giving Monthly

Consider this: if half of Regent's graduates made a monthly gift of just $20, Regent would receive about $600,000 a year in new revenue. That's huge! That's what we can do together.

We're not just individual donors, we're part of a giving community—a community that sustains a place we love and work we believe in. Would you join us?

Mandy Thayil
Alumna (MA '14); monthly donor since 2015

"When I was a student, I remember thinking, 'I need to hang on to this moment and know it’s a gift. One day, I want to help other people have this experience.' Soon after graduating, I felt challenged to get started, despite the financial uncertainties I faced as a part-time non-profit worker. Monthly giving let me set aside a reasonable amount given my circumstances, so the whole thing felt manageable. A few years later, I’m really happy with that decision. My Regent experience is a gift that keeps on giving, and giving back each month keeps me connected to this community."

Bill Reimer
Bookstore Manager; monthly donor since 1998

"Back when I was a university student struggling to make sense of Christian faith, Regent stood out like a beacon of hope. I jumped at the chance to become a bookseller here, and since then I’ve seen Regent serve as a destination and shelter for thousands of students thirsting to know more about “mere Christianity” and grow in faithful discipleship to Jesus Christ. Regent is a unique place of Christian thought and devotion on a major university campus, and it’s worthy of support in a time when Christian centres are increasingly fragile."

Connally Gilliam
Board of Governors; monthly donor since 2014

"I decided to set up monthly giving because, frankly, if I want Regent to have my money, this is the best way to do it. My life is full of complexity and data points, and this way I can be sure that supporting Regent won’t slip through the cracks. I raise support for my position at Navigators, and I know how much recurring gifts help my budgeting process! I hope more supporters join me as monthly donors because the things Regent provides—deep discipleship and rigorous academics in a communal context—are important for the sustainability of God’s Kingdom in North America."

Bruce Hindmarsh
James Houston Professor of Spiritual Theology; monthly donor since 2002

"When Carolyn and I were missionaries with Youth for Christ, we had to depend entirely on donations as we pursued a mission to see lives changed by the gospel. When we came to Regent, we discovered that this is a place where lives are forever changed by the gospel. On faculty, we are every bit as much missionaries as ever. We know from experience that regular giving lays a foundation of stability and health for missional work. It would be outstanding if all those who feel that God has his hand on the College would join us as underwriters of the mission."

Monthly gifts don't just pay bills, they create stability. When you give monthly, you're making a vital, concrete contribution to Regent's long-term financial well-being.

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