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Master of Arts in Leadership, Theology & Society

Grow in wisdom as you weave together theological insight, critical cultural analysis, and practical leadership training.

The Master of Arts in Leadership, Theology & Society Is ...

Transformative: Cultivate a practice of ethical leadership driven by a vision of human dignity, the flourishing of creation, and the common good.

Thoughtful: Build critical awareness of the ways in which culture, theology, and the biblical narrative inform effective leadership.

Practical: Hone essential leadership skills such as making difficult decisions, managing groups, managing conflict, and mentoring.

Unique: Experience an innovative, cohort-based learning model combining intensive on-campus classes with Supervised Workplace Immersion, one-on-one mentorship, and a Capstone Project tailored to your vocation.

Flexible: Learn in intensive two-week segments; substantially enhance your leadership competence without leaving your career.

Students who take this program typically ...

  • Are interested in leading creatively, thoughtfully, and redemptively in their vocational sphere.
  • Are working professionals considering an executive leadership program.
  • Are seeking to understand how they can serve the common good as they continue serving their organization.
  • Enjoy learning alongside other students with a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, ages, and leadership experience.

"The word vocation assumes that we live in a universe where there is a caller, and that as human beings we are able to respond: we are responsible. Vocation is understanding who I am and what's mine to be responsible for."
Steve Garber
Professor of Marketplace Theology and Leadership, Regent College
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"We are made to work. God . . . gave us a mandate to go out and create culture with all the wonderful resources of this world. . . . There is a wonderful sense of living out our humanity when we are using our gifts to the benefit of the world we live in, using our gifts to God's glory."
Katherine Alsdorf
Founder, Redeemer’s Center for Faith and Work
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"A lot of training in management and leadership starts with technique and isolates the person. MALTS is not just a leadership program: it's a program of self-development. When you're more aware as a person, you're more effective as a leader."
Clive Lim
Managing Director, Leap International
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"Situations don't interpret themselves. Leadership, then, is not just about deciding between a couple of delimited options, but about recognizing the various stories at play in a certain situation, and catching a vision of where they might be headed. Leaders are not deciders; they are primarily listeners, tellers, and enacters of stories."
Lucila Crena
PhD Candidate in Theology, Ethics, and Culture, University of Virginia
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"When God's people ask inquisitively and hopefully of Christ, ‘What are you already up to where you have placed me, and how can I join in and help?’ we are invited into his redemptive work."
Chris Houston
Management Consultant, The Change Alliance
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"Leaders in any context need to stand back and reflect on experience in order to grow their leadership capacity and resilience."
Peter Shaw
Founding Partner, Praesta Partners
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Application Requirements

Your application must show us that you have the experience and the skills necessary to complete graduate-level academic work.

This usually means that you have completed a bachelor's degree with a GPA of at least 2.8 (out of 4). However, we will consider your application if you are at least 28 years old and you can demonstrate that your vocational, educational, or life experience is equivalent to a university degree.

Additionally, admission to the MALTS program requires five years of full-time work experience (or equivalent) in which you have had leadership responsibilities or which points toward potential leadership responsibilities in the future. The program is designed so that you will fulfil various assignments within the context of your current employment (whether paid or as a volunteer).

For documents and more information about the application process, visit our Admission Requirements page.

Application Deadlines

We operate a staged admissions process with four rounds. Anticipated decision dates for each round are outlined in the table below. Please note that an application will not be considered within a round unless we have received the complete application, including all supporting documents, by 11:59 pm on the relevant deadline.

Submission deadline: Anticipated decision date:
ROUND 1 September 20, 2019
November 22, 2019
ROUND 2 November 8, 2019 January 24, 2020
ROUND 3 January 17, 2020 March 20, 2020
ROUND 4 February 27, 2020 May 1, 2020
ROUND 5 May 1, 2020 Rolling Admission

Applications within each round will be reviewed in the order in which they were received, taking into consideration applicants' qualifications and objectives, as well as the goals of the program. In the event that the cohort fills before all rounds are complete, qualified applicants from the later rounds will be placed on a waitlist. We recommend that you submit your completed application form as early as possible in order to ensure time to make arrangements for finances, work, and travel.

Program Structure

Credit Hours Completion Time Program Costs Distance Education
36 24 months

The tuition for the MALTS program comes to $25,000. There is also an additional cost associated with the Capstone Retreat. This cost varies from year to year, usually falling within the range of $2,000 to $3,000. Students are responsible for their own travel, accommodation, and meal costs. For more information on program costs and payment, see the Program FAQ page.

There is no DE element to this degree.

The MA in Leadership, Theology & Society is a 24-month, cohort-based program designed to enable participants to remain in their current workplace while developing their leadership abilities. The program's 36 credit hours include:

  • Eight on-campus courses, delivered through four intensive two-week residences at Regent College in Vancouver, BC;
  • A 24-month Supervised Workplace Immersion, in which students will be mentored and will have an opportunity to reflect on and develop their own leadership abilities;
  • A Capstone Project, in which students will apply their learning from the program to a situation in their own workplace and reflect theologically on that experience; and
  • A week-long Capstone Retreat, where students will gather to share their Capstone Projects and interact with Christian leaders from a variety of sectors.

The tuition for the MALTS program comes to $25,000. The cost of the Capstone Retreat varies from year to year, usually falling within the range of $2,000 to $3,000. It includes accommodation and meals while at the retreat and a shuttle service from a designated hotel to the lodge (round trip). For more information on program costs and payment, see the Program FAQ page.


Dates: 2020 Incoming Cohort

RESIDENCY 1 MAY 25–JUN 5, 2020

Iain Provan

Steven Garber, Jeff Greenman, and Uli Chi

RESIDENCY 2 JAN 4–JAN 15, 2021

Jeff Greenman and Lucila Crena

Katherine Alsdorf and Alvin Ung

RESIDENCY 3 JUN 21–JUL 2, 2021

Mariam Kovalishyn

Peter Shaw and Clive Lim

RESIDENCY 4 JAN 3–JAN 14, 2022

Chris Armstrong and Steven Garber

Alec Hill and Uli Chi

JUNE 2022

Program Requirements

All students are required to take all eight MALTS courses together with their assigned cohort. These courses comprise an interdisciplinary approach, examining leadership through the lenses of biblical, historical, and applied theology. 

Additionally, all students will take part in a two-year Supervised Workplace Immersion and will be paired with a mentor with whom they will discuss the ongoing integration and application of their MALTS coursework within the context of their own workplace.

Finally, in order to graduate with a MALTS degree, students must complete a final Capstone Project. This project leads students to blend theological reflection with creative expression as they develop solutions for their particular workplace (e.g., project strategy, business plan, policy paper, healthcare protocol, etc.).

The cohort-based design of the MALTS program provides important opportunities for students and faculty to build relationships within the context of courses, retreats, meals, and online conversations. All students are accordingly required to participate fully in every aspect of the program.

Course Credit Hours
Old Testament Foundations BIBL 501 3
New Testament Foundations BIBL 502 3
Transforming Leadership INDS 615 3
Theology and Spirituality of Work INDS 632 3
Theories of Leadership INDS 625 3
The Effective Leader APPL 618 3
Models of Public Engagement HIST 607 3
The Wise Leader INDS 618 3
Supervised Workplace Immersion: Year A APPL 685 3
Supervised Workplace Immersion: Year B APPL 686 3
Capstone Project APPL 785 6
Total 36

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The eight on-campus courses, the ongoing workplace immersion, and the capstone project follow a specific sequence and build on each other as they explore various dimensions of leadership.

Concentrations are not part of the MALTS program.

You must have a bachelor’s degree 


be at least 28 years of age and able to demonstrate how your life / vocational / educational experience can be seen as equivalent to a university degree.

You must also have at least five years of full-time work experience (or equivalent) in which you have had leadership responsibilities or which point toward potential leadership responsibilities in the future.

There are no Distance Education courses available in the MALTS program.

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