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Donors make Regent's mission possible.

Over 10,000 people turn to Regent for top-quality theological education and resources every year. That’s over 10,000 people encouraged to think deeply and participate joyfully in God's work—and donors fund over 30% of their experience.

That's right: over 30% of Regent's revenue comes from donations. Without that 30%—without gifts from people like you!—doors don't get unlocked. Lights don't come on. Students don’t gather, professors don’t teach, and our learning community grinds to a halt. 

"In a time when so many people who teach theology are interested in trim carpentry or flooring or...painting, let me express my gratitude that there is still a place like Regent that builds foundations."

Matt McCoy (MDiv '13)

Our donors make it possible for Regent to keep building foundations. They make it possible for students like Matt to come and learn and be transformed. They maintain the building where our community comes together, pay the faculty who share their wisdom, and fund the projects that make our best teaching accessible around the world.

The projects above represent some of the ways you can support our mission. If you already know where you'd like to give, you can head straight to the online donation form, or learn about other ways to give.

To all our donors, thank you! Regent is doing work that is critically important to the kingdom of God, and you make it possible.

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