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Student Association

Regent College Student Association (RCSA)

The RCSA is Regent College’s Student Association, of which every fee-paying student is a member. The RCSA is led by a council made up of elected student officials, voted in by other Regent students—we are students serving students.

The Association’s involvement within the life of the College extends across all the spheres of Regent life—academics, community, and interaction with the wider UBC campus. Our goal is to help students to fully embrace being a part of the College and to actively play a part in the wider mission of the College.

We are located in Room 12 on the bottom floor of the College. Drop by and visit us!

Our mission

“In the light of Regent College’s mission, the RCSA Council serves the student body by discerning and addressing needs of students, cultivating opportunities for them to engage in the life of the College, and representing them on committees within both Regent and UBC.”

What are we doing for you?

We represent you, the students, and we advocate for you on both a collective and individual basis. We also provide a number of other services that help the student body flourish.

The Et Cetera

Published each Tuesday of the school week during Fall and Winter semesters, the Et Cetera is Regent College’s weekly student paper. It provides a window into College life and a space in which ideas can be generated, dialogue can be fostered, and community renewed. Submissions are welcome from students old and new.

You can email submissions to
You can read the Et Cetera online here.

Academic Symposium

We host an annual Academic Symposium in which students present selected papers for the Regent community. This is a great opportunity to practice delivering a paper at an academic conference. This year's Symposium takes place March 3, 2017.


We recognize the need to celebrate together as a community. And so we make sure that during significant times of the year like Christmas and the end of the school year (L'Chaim) we create a space in which the students of Regent, along with the other community members like staff and faculty—as well as their families—can join together in celebration. We also arrange smaller events and highlights, like lunchtime concerts in the atrium. View calendar.


The RCSA administers a set of annual funds, including a conference fund for encouraging attendance at academic conferences. To apply, please use the Conference Fund Application Form. The RCSA also has a more general emergency fund. Although these funds are somewhat limited, they are there to support you. Please contact us if you’d like to know more.

Elected Officials

The council consists of up to 12 members, including a paid executive committee and a committee of willing volunteers.

David Paul, President


Responsible for overseeing the operation of the whole structure of the RCSA, the president manages the Executive Committee (made up of the president and the three VPs) and the Student Council. The role of the president is to lead the student body and represent it to the staff, faculty, Senate, and Board of Governors.

David Paul, from Bangalore, India, is approaching the end of his Master of Arts in Theological Studies in Applied Theology and is currently contemplating a ThM. Prior to coming to Regent, he spent six years serving on the pastoral team of a Brethren church in Singapore. He has previously served as the RCSA Vice-President Internal (2015-2016) and is grateful for the opportunity to serve as President this year. David believes that serving is a way of sharing God’s blessing and grace bestowed on his life.

Contact the President at

Brian Dant, Vice-President Academic


The VP Academic is responsible for any Student Council-related concerns or activities whose focus is on academic issues. The VP Academic liaises with the Academic Dean and Academic Administrator as necessary, and serves as the student representative on selected committees of the school relating to academics.

Brian Dant is from Minnesota, USA, in his second year of the MA in the Spiritual Theology. He is married to Lydia, and they were most recently living in Boston, MA before moving to Vancouver. He received a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Florida Gulf Coast University, and works (part-time, remotely) as a Software Engineer for a company in Boston.

Contact the VP Academic at

Mitch Ferreira, Vice-President External


Student life at Regent College extends far beyond the four walls of our own building, into the UBC campus and Vancouver. The role of the VP External is to help facilitate these missional aspects of student life. One of the key aspects of this role involves serving as a UBC AMS (Alma Mater Society) Representative.

Mitch Ferreira, a local from Burnaby, is currently pursuing his MA in Theological Studies with a concentration in Old Testament. He previously attended Briercrest College in Caronport, SK, where he completed his BA in Biblical Studies. Mitch served in student government at Briercrest and was an RCSA Member-at-Large in 2015–16. He enjoys all things west coast: skiing, hiking, and telling everyone else how beautiful Vancouver is.

Contact the VP External at

Dafydd Russell-Jones, Vice-President Internal


The VP Internal works within the Regent community to see what can be done to better aid the co-curricular side of student life. By organizing celebratory events and coordinating with the Dean of Students office, the VP Internal hopes to make your life at Regent as healthy an experience as possible.

Dafydd Russell-Jones hails from Cardiff, Wales, and is studying towards the MA in Theological Studies. He holds a BA in Geography from the University of Liverpool and an MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology from VU Amsterdam. He currently plays for the almighty Regent College FC, who are invincible (sometimes) and unbeatable (for a period).

Contact the VP Internal at


In addition to the President and the VPs, the council is made up of a maximum of eight Members-at-Large (MAL). Each of these members takes on a specific portfolio based on the area that they are passionate about serving students in. Examples of these MAL portfolios include Prayer, Sports, Community Involvement, and the Arts.

The members-at-large for 2016-2017 are:

First-Year Representatives

Each year, two or three of our Member-at-Large positions are reserved for first-year students. These First-Year Reps serve as an easy access point for students new to the College, helping them to engage in and adjust to College life and to voice their concerns.

The First-Year Rep for 2016-2017 is Evann Goltz.

Committee Representatives

The Committee Representatives for 2016-2017 are:
  • Academic Policy: Brian Dant
  • Academic Standards: Brian Dant
  • Admissions: Brian Dant
  • Board: David Paul 
  • Course Syllabi: Brian Dant
  • Distance Education: Brian Dant
  • Financial Aid: Dafydd Russell-Jones 
  • Library: Brian Dant
  • MDiv: Gillian Chu 
  • Senate: David Paul, Dafydd Russell-Jones 
  • Summer Programs: Brian Dant
  • UBC AMS: Mitch Ferreira

Terms and elections

Each member of the RCSA council is elected for a one-year term running from May 1 to April 30.

There are normally three elections held over the course of the calendar year:

  • The first election, held towards the end of the Winter term, is for positions on the Executive Committee.
  • The second, which closely follows the first, is for the majority of the Members-at-Large.
  • The final election, held early in the Fall term, is for First-Year Representatives and any other remaining MAL positions.


1968 Student representation on Senate established by the Regent College Act.
1970s Student Council formed.
1977 Weekly Regent newspaper, Family Affair, renamed as Regent’s Page.
1980 Executive roles on the Student Council consisted of Chairperson, Treasurer, Student Representative to Faculty, Social Functions Coordinator, and Intra-Campus Representative. Council Members also included student representatives on various Regent College Committees: Academic Planning, Admissions, Library, Senate, and Worship.
1988 First Constitution of Regent College Student Association (RCSA) adopted.
1994 Weekly newspaper, Regent Page, renamed as Et Cetera.
2000s Conference Fund inaugurated.
2009 First annual Academic Symposium held in April.
2010 Year-End Party renamed as L'Chaim, held annually in April.
2010 First Soaking Prayer evening held in November.

RCSA Events: 2016–2017

Fall Term

Date Event Time Venue Contact
Thurs. Sept. 1 New Students BBQ 5:30 pm Spanish Banks Beach VP Internal
Tues. Sept. 13 Locker Sale 12–2 pm Atrium VP Internal
Wed. Sept. 14 Soaking Prayer 7 pm Chapel Prayer MAL
Tues. Sept. 20
Elections: First Year Rep 12–2 pm Atrium President
Wed. Nov. 9 Lunchtime Concert 12–1 pm Atrium
Wed. Nov. 9 Soaking Prayer 7 pm Chapel Prayer MAL
Fri. Dec. 9 Sing and Swing 6 pm Atrium VP Internal

Winter Term

Date Event Time Venue Contact
Wed. Jan. 18 Soaking Prayer 7 pm Chapel Prayer MAL
Wed. Jan. 25 Lunchtime Concert 12–1 pm Atrium
Wed. Mar. 1 Lunchtime Concert 12–1 pm Atrium
Fri. Mar. 3 Academic Symposium 10:00 am–4:00 pm Room 100 VP Academic
Tues. Mar. 28 Elections: Executive Members and Members-at-large 12–2 pm Atrium President
Wed. Mar. 15 Soaking Prayer 7 pm Chapel Prayer MAL
Wed. Apr. 5 Lunchtime Concert 12–1 pm Atrium Evann Goltz
Fri. Apr. 7 L'Chaim 6 pm Arbutus Club VP Internal

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