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Student Association

Regent College Student Association (RCSA)

The Regent College Student Association (RCSA) is comprised of every fee-paying student. If you have paid current student fees at Regent, you are part of the RCSA! The RCSA is led by a council of elected student officials voted in by other Regent students. We are students serving students.

The Association's involvement within the life of the College extends across all the spheres of Regent life—academics, community, and interaction with the wider UBC campus. Our goal is to help students to fully embrace being a part of the College and to actively play a part in the wider mission of the College.

We are located on the lower level in Room 12. Drop by and visit us! You can find out the most up to date information of what your council is up to by checking out our website at


Our mission

"In the light of Regent College's mission, the RCSA Council serves the student body by discerning and addressing needs of students, cultivating opportunities for them to engage in the life of the College, and representing them on committees within both Regent and UBC."

What are we doing for you?

We represent you, the students, and we advocate for you on both a collective and individual basis. We also provide a number of other services that help the student body flourish.

The Et Cetera

Published each Tuesday of the school week during Fall and Winter semesters, the Et Cetera is Regent College's weekly student paper. It provides a window into College life and a space in which ideas can be generated, dialogue can be fostered, and community renewed. Submissions are welcome from students old and new.

You can email submissions to [email protected]
You can read the Et Cetera online here.

Academic Symposium

We host an annual Academic Symposium in which students present selected papers for the Regent community. This is a great opportunity to practice delivering a paper at an academic conference. The date of this year's Symposium is March 6, 2020.


We recognize the need to celebrate together as a community. At significant points in the year, we provide times in which students, along with other community members like staff and faculty—and of course their families—can join together in celebration. Highlights include Sing and Swing at Christmastime, and L’Chaim at the end of the school year. We also arrange smaller events, like lunchtime concerts in the atrium. View calendar.

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