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Anglican Studies

Regent College’s program in Anglican Studies is for both lay people and those intent on the ordained Anglican ministry.

Those interested in Anglican ordination are able to take courses in their Master of Divinity program at Regent which prepares them for ministry in the Anglican Communion worldwide.

All Regent students, however, are welcome to take courses in Anglican Studies offered in this program.

A holistic approach

We believe that theological education is not achieved simply within the context of academic courses; it involves spiritual formation. It is an organic process that entails the totality of learning, discourse, personal relationships, and involvement in a worshipping and serving community. Our Anglican Studies program includes all of these components.

Partnership with Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

Regent College has partnered with Wycliffe Hall, a permanent private hall of Oxford University, in an exchange program. Regent students who meet the Oxford entrance requirements are able to do two terms of their Master of Divinity degree in Oxford, and Wycliffe students are able to study at Regent College.


Dr. Craig Gay

PhD (Boston University)
MTS (Regent College)
BS (Stanford University)
Program Secretary of Anglican Studies, and Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Bishop Ron Ferris

MDiv, DD (Huron College)
DMin (Pacific School of Religion)
DST (Thorneloe University)

Sessional Lecturer, Anglican Studies

Rev. James Salladin

MDiv (Regent)
PhD (St. Andrews)

Sessional Lecturer, Anglican Studies

Rev. James Wagner

BA, MDiv (Regent)
Anglican Chaplain

James Wagner serves as the director of pastoral care at St. John’s Vancouver Anglican Church. He has served in different ministry capacities including curate at St Matthew’s Abbotsford, BC; planting pastor of Church of the Holy Cross, Abbotsford; interim priest of St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Delta; and adjunct instructor of Pastoral Ministry at a local college.
Email: [email protected]

Program requirements

Anglican ordination is dependent upon candidates having the support of their local bishop and meeting the requirements set by their bishop and diocese. Ordinands who are under the supervision of a bishop will normally complete the requirements of Regent's Master of Divinity program. Within this program they will be expected to complete specific courses in Anglican history, theology, and polity.

In addition, ordinands are expected to take part in worship at the College, carry out supervised ministry in parishes, and come under the care of the Anglican chaplain at Regent College.

For more information on what is expected of students interested in Anglican ordination, please read this letter from Dr. Don Lewis, Dr. Bruce Hindmarsh, and Rev. James Wagner, which details what you should be aware of before entering the ordination process. 

Courses in Anglican Studies at Regent College

There are two courses offered through the Anglican Studies program. Each of these is recommended for those seeking ordination. All Regent College students are welcome to take these courses.

HIST 650 / THEO 650: Anglican History and Theology (offered every two years in the Summer)

This course surveys the core convictions, contentions, and concerns that have marked Anglican theology from the Reformation to today. It includes readings from theologians in the Evangelical, Anglo-Catholic, and Broad Church traditions in their various forms and will conclude with discussion of Anglican identity today. It will thus serve as preparation for a teaching ministry in any Anglican context, and as a contribution to transdenominational understanding. This course is taught by Rev. James Salladin.

THEO 651: Anglican Life: Polity and Liturgy (offered every two years in the Fall or Winter)

This course is designed to introduce students to the nature and practice of Christian worship, liturgy, and sacramental theology. After these subjects are introduced, the class will use its understanding of these subjects as a foundation for looking at the theology, history and practice of baptism, the Eucharist, and other services used in Anglican parishes, particularly in light of the Book of Common Prayer tradition. Attention will also be given to the pastoral issues that surround the administration of these sacraments within the local parish. This course is taught by the Bishop Ron Ferris

Courses at Wycliffe Hall

Students interested in going to Wycliffe should write a letter to the registrar indicating their interest and when they would like to attend Wycliffe. Requests are evaluated by the Anglican Studies committee at Regent. Please note that Wycliffe Hall is primarily interested in training students who are planning on being ordained in the Anglican Communion.

Students applying to study at Wycliffe Hall have to meet the academic entrance requirements of Oxford University, which are different from the admissions requirements at Regent College.

Unlike Regent, Wycliffe does not operate on a standard semester system, but on the following terms, which are each ten weeks long:

  • Term 1: last week of September to early December
  • Term 2: mid-January to late March

Normally, Regent students attend Wycliffe for two consecutive terms as Wycliffe's courses run over the two terms.

The course requirements for Regent students taking courses at Wycliffe are those set by Regent's Master of Divinity degree.

Anglican worship

Join us every Thursday during the school term at 11 am in the Prayer Chapel for worship, followed by a meal and fellowship. All Regent College students are welcome to participate.

Worship is central to the fostering of an integration of study and faith. For those intent on ordination, these worship services (including the weekly Eucharist) will afford practice in planning, presiding, and preaching. The rites used will be the Book of Common Prayer and the Book of Alternative Services.


The program's chaplain is available to students for advice and as a personal mentor. Contact the Chaplain.

Field placement program

The Pastoral Tutor will handle field placements for participating Master of Divinity students in consultation with the Anglican chaplain and with co-operating bishops and clergy.


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