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Craig M. Gay

Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies
BS (Stanford), MTS (Regent College), PhD (Boston)
Craig Gay lectures in the area of Christianity and culture, directs Regent’s ThM degree program, and edits Crux, Regent’s journal of Christian thought and opinion. He is the author of The Way of the (Modern) WorldWith Liberty and Justice for Whom? (Eerdmans, 1998); Cash Values: The Value of Money the Nature of Worth (Eerdmans, 2004); Dialogue, Catalogue and Monologue (Regent College Publishing, 2008);  and was the co-editor (with C. Peter Molloy) of The Way of Truth in the Present Age (Regent College, 1999). Craig Gay has contributed chapters to a number of collections on the subjects of modernity, secularization, and economic ethics, and his articles and reviews have appeared in Christian Scholar’s Review, American Journal of Sociology, Crux, and Markets & Morality. Craig Gay is an active member of St. John’s (Vancouver) Anglican Church. He and his wife Julie have four children.

Areas of expertise

  • Secularisation & Modern Social Theory
  • Modern Philosophy
  • Christianity & Economics
  • Philosophy of Theology

Media & Publications

  • Dialogue, Catalogue and Monologue: Personal, Impersonal and Depersonalizing Ways to Use Words Book Publication
  • Cash Values: The Value of Money the Nature of Worth Book Publication
  • The Way of the (Modern) World: Or, Why It's Tempting to Live as If God Doesn't Exist Book Publication
  • With Liberty and Justice for Whom? The Recent Evangelical Debate Over Capitalism Book Publication
  • Christian Life and Practice in a (Post) Modern Word Summer Video
  • "Technology and the Shaping of the iMagination" Audio
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