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Learn on your own schedule. Nurture your mind and spirit with an evening or weekend course at Regent.


Like our regular courses, evening and weekend courses can be taken for credit towards a graduate degree or simply audited for personal enrichment. Students auditing courses are not required to complete assignments. For more information on the difference between credit and audit, visit our Choosing Courses page.

EVENING COURSES take place one night per week through a single term. They have a similar structure to our regular daytime courses and may be offered for 2 or 3 credits.

WEEKEND COURSES take place on 3–4 weekends spaced throughout a term, allowing students time to work on assignments in between sessions. Weekend courses are typically offered for 2 or 3 credits.

The format of our weekend courses varies. Many take place in a standard classroom setting. These run from Friday evening through Saturday afternoon, covering approximately 10 hours of lecture time over the course of each weekend. Others, like INDS 535: Food: Community, Communion & Creation, have an experiential component. These usually include trips off-campus as well as regular classroom time.

Students interested in taking a weekend course should review the syllabus carefully to ensure they understand course dates, format, and requirements.

Upcoming Courses:

Winter 2021 Evening Courses

Evening courses in the Winter 2021 term begin January 11 and run through to April 21, 2021. Check the course details for exact dates. All courses run from 6:30–9:30 pm.

APPL 570
Credits: 2–3     Audit: 2
Meeting Day: Monday

This course is designed to shape reflective practitioners of learning and teaching. It is meant to equip people for enhanced teaching experiences in a wide variety of settings, including their workplaces, congregations, or formal school or university settings. Its structure is built around e... (Full Course Details)

BIBL 508
Credits: 2–3     Audit: 2
Meeting Day: Tuesday

In a culture that embodies long literary traditions and possesses rich classical texts that have constituted a pluralistic religious world, how is the Christian Bible read and received in China? This course aims to examine the biblical writings and commentary works made by Chinese Christians and Western missio... (Full Course Details)

THEO 602
Credits: 3     Audit: 3
Meeting Day: Tuesday

This course will take up the Christian doctrinal themes of Soteriology, Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology in a description of the accomplishment, application, and actualization of redemption. It is concerned with showing the relevance and process of redemption in the present context... (Full Course Details)

THEO 500
Credits: 3     Audit: 3
Meeting Day: Thursday

In a postmodern age marked by suspicion of truth, it is all the more important for Christians to be rooted in the essential teachings of the Christian faith. Deepen your faith and understanding with this systematic survey of Christian doctrine, as set forth in the Bible and formulated by the Church. Investiga... (Full Course Details)

Winter 2021 Weekend Courses

Weekend courses in the Winter 2021 term begin January 22 and run through to March 27, 2021. Check the course details for exact dates.

APPL 586  (This course is also offered as SPIR 586)
Credits: 2–3     Audit: 2
Meeting Day: Friday

This course considers the place of intentional spiritual practice in the life of the Christian believer and the life of the church, along with the interplay of the two (the intersection of personal spiritual disciplines and those of the faith community).  The theological as... (Full Course Details)


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