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HIST 543

Contextualization of Christianity in China

This course is also offered as WRLD 543

This course focuses on the history of Christianity in China from a globalizing perspective. In the past three decades, the study of Christianity in China has shifted from “Christianity in China” to “Chinese Christianity,” bringing with it new insights for understanding the phenomena of Christianity in China. Adopting intercultural and interdisciplinary approaches, this course aims to examine the cross-cultural diffusion of Christianity in China from the Tang Dynasty to the Republic of China. By integrating recent Western and Eastern scholarship, this course aims to explore the process of Christianity’s contextualization in China. Further, it will reflect on current theories and practices in the study of Chinese Christianity and explore the field’s possible future contributions to discussions on the cross-cultural dimensions of global Christian history.

Credit Hours:
2 - 3
Audit Hours:

Additional Info

This course will be taught in Mandarin. For students who know English, some optional English-language resources will be recommended as well.

Winter 2024

This course is available onsite and online. Students must register for the online section to gain Zoom access to the course.

Course lectures will be recorded, and students may be captured in course recordings. Access to lecture recordings is normally only given to online students who cannot reasonably be expected to attend the course live due to time zone differences. These students should contact the course instructor for permission to access recordings.

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