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Who Studies Here?

As a result of the College’s interdisciplinary and interdenominational emphasis, you will find that Regent students are as diverse as the personal, academic, and professional backgrounds they bring to their studies. The diversity of the Regent community is one of the top reasons why students choose to study with us.

I came to Regent College to get the theological education I lacked when I was doing ministry decades ago, and I regret not coming here sooner.

It has been a wonderful place to study, learn and, especially, to grow spiritually. It has exceeded all my expectations, and I continue to be amazed by the insights I have gained, and challenged by the paradigms under discourse. The caliber of the professors and the students cannot be overstated, and the sense of Christian community has been extremely encouraging and supportive.

- Ken Sanders, MCS Candidate, USA, MD (Emergency Medicine)

It was through working as an ecologist for A Rocha (a Christian conservation organization) that I heard many good reports of Regent College and am so grateful that I made the decision to come.

The courses I am studying within the Diploma are better equipping me for my daily walk as a Christian, not only within the field of conservation, but in every sphere by participating in God’s unfolding work of redemption and restoration more thoughtfully and intentionally."

- Esther Pawley, DipCS Candidate, UK, Ecologist/Conservationist

Coming to Regent, I gained a fresh passion to study the Word of God.

My friends at Regent look at me funny when I tell them that learning the biblical languages was my best experience at Regent. But it was! Learning Greek and Hebrew was so refreshing and eye-opening that it made me fall in love with the Word of God. It has forever changed the way I read the Bible as well as how I teach it. It has set me off on a life long journey of learning.

- Shaun Jung, MDiv Candidate, South Korea


Approximately 47% of the student body is Canadian, 28% American, and 25% from overseas. In the Fall 2011 term, our overseas students came from countries including Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Hong Kong, the People’s Republic of China, South Africa, Switzerland, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and Zambia.


Christians from over 30 denominations are represented at Regent. The largest groups include Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian, Mennonite, Alliance, and Pentecostal. This provides a rich mix and gives you a valuable glimpse of the larger community of faith that makes up the Christian church.


At Regent, we have almost as many women as we have men studying to apply their faith to their vocation in life, whatever that vocation may be. The male/female ratio is 55% men to 45% women.


People of all ages come to study at Regent. There are those coming straight out of undergraduate studies, those going back to school after some years in the workforce, those enhancing or shifting vocational direction in their mid-life, and those wanting to pursue studies after retiring from full-time work.

Enrollment by Program

On Campus or Distance Education

At a time when many schools are turning to distance education to deliver their degrees, we still believe in the value of face-to-face, on-campus education. However, we do offer distance education options for students who wish to supplement their on-campus studies with distance courses, or to jumpstart their degree before relocating to Vancouver.

Part-time or Full-time

At Regent, we define full-time students as those taking 9 credits or more per term. Based on this number, the majority of our students study part-time.

After Graduation

We find our graduates in a wide range of vocations, whether in marketplace settings, church or parachurch ministries, or the academy. While we have not been able to track all of our graduates, we do keep in touch with many of them, and they with us. The following, for example, is the vocational distribution of graduates from 2006 to 2010:

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