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Our courses take a holistic, interdisciplinary approach, relevant to any vocational direction.

They are designed to push you academically, enrich your faith, challenge your paradigms, and prepare you to live out your calling in the public sphere.

Current & Upcoming Courses

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Who can take courses at Regent?

We welcome adults from all professional and academic backgrounds to enjoy our graduate courses and programs.

Many of our students choose to enroll in one of our six graduate programs before taking any courses, but students can take up to 12 credits at Regent before applying to a graduate program.

Whether you apply for a program or not, an accredited bachelor's degree is usually required in order to take courses for credit. Some exceptions apply in the case of mature students (28 or older).

Not ready to take a course for credit? Consider auditing! If you are 23 or older, you can audit an unlimited number of courses at Regent. Those under 23 must have completed at least 50% of the courses required for an accredited, four-year bachelor's degree.

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Ways to Study

There are so many ways to nurture your mind at Regent! Many of our students are enrolled in one of our six graduate programs. Others study for personal enrichment, sharpening skills and exploring interests one course at a time. Most courses are available for either credit or audit.

Can’t leave your day job? There are lots of ways to study at Regent. Join us on campus for a condensed course, check out our cohort-based MA in Leadership, Theology & Society, study from home with our Online Learning opportunities, or give our evening courses a try. 

To learn what courses will help you achieve your goals, visit the Choosing Courses page.

Ways to Study

Regular Courses

Experience all that Regent has to offer on our Vancouver campus, from traditional options like biblical studies, theology, and history to courses exploring the intersection of theology with things like business, science, and the arts.

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Cohort Model: MA in Leadership, Theology & Society

The unique low-residency, cohort-based program is designed to foster active integration of learning and practice. Test theories and hone skills while cultivating a theologically rich understanding of leadership.

MALTS Program

Condensed Courses

Designed for the working professional and the working pastor, these 1- and 2-week courses in our Fall and Winter terms are ideal for professional development and personal enrichment.

Condensed Courses

Evening & Weekend Courses

Even with a busy schedule, great courses are within your reach. Set aside just one evening a week, or complete a course in a few focused, immersive weekends.

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Summer Programs

Regent offers the most extensive theological Summer Programs in the world. Every summer, we offer more than 40 condensed courses lasting 1–2 weeks each. All learners are welcome.

Summer Programs

Online Learning

Up to 1/2 of most Regent degrees can be completed through online courses. These courses provide a flexible option for busy schedules and those outside Vancouver.

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We recognize that many students will be dealing with the aftereffects of the pandemic for some time. Whether starting graduate studies from afar or finishing your last few credits in Vancouver, theological education at Regent College is accessible worldwide until April 2023. In addition, all full-time distance study is now eligible for financial aid—a resource we encourage you to apply for. Learn more here.

Regent College is committed to respond to shifting safety measurements, and will continue to provide you with detailed updates. But rest assured: no matter the global circumstances this year, life and learning at Regent is available, accessible, and tailored to your needs.

How to Begin

You can start studying at Regent any time! Join us for a term to see if Regent is a good fit for you, or try one of our evening, weekend, or condensed courses. Can't make it to Vancouver right now? Our Distance Ed offerings are a great way to start working toward a degree.

To learn more about how our courses work and when they are typically offered, visit our Choosing Courses page. For up-to-date details on courses in the upcoming academic year, visit Timetables.

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