En Route

These unique courses offer an immersive learning experience in a range of international contexts.

These courses have special registration processes, special payment and refund deadlines, and additional course fees to cover field trips and room and board.

  • May 30–Jun 1
    1 Credits: $495
    No audit available
    BIBL 531
    Regent College

    What kind of texts are we dealing with in Genesis? And how does this affect our interpretation and preaching of them? Are they myth, history, both, or neither? Have Christians been right to see what they have seen in these books over the centuries? What are the boundaries of leg... Full course details

  • Jul 26–Aug 5
    3 Credits: $1485
    No audit available
    INDS 525
    Regent College

    Embark on an eight-day voyage in an open rowing/sailing boat in the Gulf Islands as you reflect prayerfully on the nature of place and pilgrimage in the Christian life. Reflect on the writings of those many Christians whose own understanding of God has been focused by t... Full course details