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Distance Education

Our Distance Education courses offer flexible options to help you complete your program.


We recognize that many students will be dealing with the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic for some time, so policies that limit the use of distance education credits (i) to meet the Residence Requirement, (ii) to fulfil the requirements of each program, or (iii) to meet eligibility for Regent College financial aid have been suspended until August 2022.

Why do it?

We believe that theology is best learned in community. As a result, all of Regent's programs include a significant on-campus requirement. 

However, we offer a limited number of distance education courses to round out our on-campus offerings. These courses might be a good fit for you if:

  • you want a taste of Regent before committing to a program;
  • you are newly admitted and want to get a head start before moving to Vancouver;
  • you need to leave Vancouver before completing your program;
  • you require greater flexibility in planning your courses; or
  • you are working on English language skills and want to listen to lectures more than once.

How it works

Our distance education (DE) courses have three components:

LECTURES: DE lectures are recorded on campus in a live classroom setting. DE students download the lectures and listen to them on their own time.

ONLINE INTERACTION: DE students and the DE course instructor interact online weekly in response to the week's lecture. You will need a computer with internet access in order to participate.

ASSIGNMENTS: DE assignments are similar to the assignments completed by students taking the same course on campus. Coursework typically includes assigned reading and written assignments like papers, exams, or reading responses.

DE courses begin three times a year: early January, early May, and early September. Registration typically opens two months before the course begins.

Like our regular courses, DE courses can be taken for credit towards a graduate degree or simply audited for personal enrichment. Students auditing courses are not required to complete assignments. For more information on the difference between credit and audit, visit our Choosing Courses page.

Some courses require advance reading before the lectures begin, so we strongly recommend registering early and checking the syllabus a few weeks before the course begins. Courses must be completed within six months of the start date. Check the course syllabus for assignment deadlines.

Download the Distance Education Student Handbook for more information on how to complete a distance education course.


While every effort has been made to be accurate with the schedules below, please be advise that the list of courses are subject to change before the first day of registration of each term.

WINTER 2022 COURSES | Registration deadline: Friday, January 14, 2022   

Registration opens at noon on November 3, 2021
Classes start on January 17, 2022
Course Number Course Title Professor Online Instructor
BIBL 502  New Testament Foundations George Guthrie (see Winter 2022 Timetable for hybrid learning)
BIBL 524 The Sermon on The Mount Darrell Johnson Aaron Sherwood
BIBL 628 Isaiah Rikk Watts Joshua Coutts
HIST 501 History of Christianity I Don Lewis Steve Watts
HIST 650 Anglican History and Theology J. I. Packer Archie Pell
SPIR 628 The Meaning of the Sacraments Gordon Smith Gordon Smith
THEO 608 History of Christian Doctrine Hans Boersma Charles Raith
THEO 628 The Meaning of the Sacraments Gordon Smith Gordon Smith
THEO 650 Anglican History and Theology J. I. Packer Archie Pell

SUMMER 2022 COURSES | Registration deadline: Friday, May 13, 2022   

Registration opens at noon on February 16, 2022
Classes start on May 16, 2022
Course Number Course Title Professor Online Instructor
APPL 581 Missional Church Darrell Johnson
HIST 502 History of Christianity II Don Lewis Steve Watts
THEO 601 Theology I Ross Hastings Charles Raith
INDS 581  Christian Faith and Practice in a (Post)Modern World     Craig Gay Jason Burtt

Registration & Payment

If you have a Regent Login, you can register online using our student registration system, REGIS. If you do NOT have a Regent Login, click on the following button and then "Request Regent Login"

Login to REGIS

For registration deadlines and other important information, visit the following pages:

  • Important Dates: registration and payment deadlines. Note: students who register late (any time after the Registration and Payment Deadline for the term) must obtain the instructor's permission to join the course.
  • Costs: current course rates
  • How to Pay: Regent College no longer accepts tuition payments via credit card. A number of other payment options are available.
  • Regent College Academic Catalogue: all academic policies
  • Admissions: information on admission, finances, and other matters related to beginning a program at Regent College
There is a tuition discount available for Distance Education courses: the Parachurch 50% Tuition Benefit. Visit the Tuition Discounts page for details.

Have questions about registration? Visit our Registration page, or contact the Registration Officer at [email protected] or 604.221.3370.

Credit Limits

Regent College places a high priority on face-to-face education. We make distance education courses available in order to provide some flexibility for our students; however, we do not permit students to complete a program through distance education.

In general, no more than one third of the total program credits can be taken by distance. For program-specific limits, visit our Graduate Programs pages.

In addition, students admitted to the College from Fall 2014 onward may take no more than six credits of the Foundational Core courses by distance education as part of their program.

Residents of the United States

IMPORTANT NOTE: Normally Regent College is not authorized to offer distance education courses to people in some states (please see the list below). However, during the COVID-19 emergency the restriction have been lifted for the academic year 2020-2021 (September 2020 to August 2021). Please contact DE office at [email protected] for more information.

Several American states impose legal barriers on distance education. Regent College has not been authorized to offer distance education courses to people in the following states:


New Mexico
New York

North Dakota
Rhode Island
West Virginia

If in the future you happen to reside in a state or country that is not subject to these legal restrictions, we would be happy to provide distance education courses to you.

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