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program requirements and policies

The course requirements for each program can be found in our Graduate Programs section.

Information on admission to programs is on the Admission Requirements page.

If you have any questions about your program, we recommend that you meet with the Academic Advisor.

Program requirement and concentration worksheets

These worksheets will help you track your progress as you complete your degree.

For the MA in Theological Studies you will want to use the worksheet for the specific concentration you have chosen.

Scripture Concentrations

Christian History & Theology Concentrations

Christianity, Church & Culture Concentrations

Residency requirement

Some aspects of the educational experience offered by Regent College are available only when students share in the community at the Vancouver campus. For this reason, we require our students to complete a set number of credits “in residence,” meaning on campus:

GradDipCS 12 credits
MA Theo Studies 30 credits
MDiv 45 credits
ThM 18 credits

Residency is defined as study pursued on the Vancouver campus in Fall, Winter, or Summer term. Distance Education courses do not fulfill the residency requirement. However, you can complete approximately one-third of your program by Distance Education. See the Limits on Courses Taken Through Distance Education below.

If you intend both to transfer credits from another institution and to take courses by Distance Education, we advise you to plan carefully to ensure that you meet the residency requirement.

Degree limitations on courses taken through distance education

Regent College places a high priority on face-to-face education. At the same time, it recognizes the need to make a limited amount of distance education courses for students. The credit limit for distance education courses within each program is generally one third of the total program credits. These limits are as follows:

GradDipCS 9 credits
MA Theo Studies 20 credits
MDiv 30 credits
ThM 6 credits

In addition, students admitted to the College as of Fall 2014 are limited to taking six credits of the Foundational Core courses by distance education as part of their program.

Time limits for completion of programs

You are expected to satisfy all program requirements in effect at the time you were accepted into a program. If you exceed the program time limits noted below, you must appeal in writing to the Academic Standards Committee to complete your program. You may be required by the Committee to take additional courses, particularly if the program has been modified since you were admitted. The maximum time limits for each program are:

  • GradDipCS: no time limit
  • MA Theo Studies: 6 years
  • MDiv: 8 years
  • ThM: 5 years

We encourage you to complete your degree requirements while resident in Vancouver. Note that some required courses are offered only during Fall and Winter terms.

Combining Degrees

If you wish to complete two master’s degrees in theology, you will be subject to certain restrictions on how many credit hours may be shared between the two degrees. For example, in order to complete both an MA Theo Studies and an MDiv degree, you are allowed to have a maximum of 30 credit hours in common between the two; thus, you must earn a minimum of 120 credit hours for the two degrees. The ThM degree requires a minimum of 24 credit hours beyond an MDiv or an MA Theo Studies. We discourage you from attempting to complete two degree programs concurrently.

Program changes

If you would like to change programs, complete the Program Change Form and submit it to the Student Services Office.

If you are currently in the MA Theo Studies or MDiv program at Regent and wish to apply to the ThM program, you must submit the following:

  1. an internal ThM Program Application (internal)
  2. a sample research paper
  3. a $25 ($20 US) application fee
  4. a ThM Reference Form completed by two faculty members (forwarded to the Admissions Office).

Concentration changes

You can request a change in concentrations by emailing your request to

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