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Finally, it's your turn! Congratulations! We can't wait to celebrate with you as you walk across the stage. Here's everything you need to know about graduation requirements, Convocation, and other events that will help you with the transition from student to graduate.


The deadline to apply to graduate on May 6, 2024 is January 31, 2024.

Apply for Graduation

Graduation requirements and procedures

In order to graduate, you must:

  • Submit an online application for graduation by the end of January in the year you wish to graduate.
  • Submit the graduation application fee along with the application.
  • Settle all financial obligations with the College, including any amounts owing on your student account and any library fines.
  • If you have received US student loans: complete the exit interview with the Financial Aid Officer.
  • Complete all the requirements of your program outlined in the Academic Catalogue.
  • Attain the minimum grade point average for your respective program:
Program Graduation GPA
GradDipCS 2.7
MA Christian Studies 3.0
MA Theological Studies 3.0
MDiv 3.0
ThM 3.3

In determining their GPA, GradDipCS students are permitted to discount courses for which they received low grades, as long as they have successfully completed the specifically required courses for the program and have completed at least 24 credit hours with a GPA of at least 2.7. The overall GPA for Masters students, however, will always take into account grades for all courses taken.

You are required to complete your program according to the requirements as published when you were officially admitted into the program by the Admissions Office. If the program requirements have changed since your admission, however, you may elect to complete your program according to the newer requirements.

Graduation Prizes

Each year, at the discretion of the Senate (on the advice of the Academic Standards Committee), the following prizes are awarded at Convocation:

  • The Board of Governors’ Prize for Proficiency in the GradDipCS Program
  • The Board of Governors' Prize for Proficiency in the MA in Christian Studies Degree Program
  • The Board of Governors’ Prize for Proficiency in the MA in Theological Studies Degree Program
  • The Board of Governors’ Prize for Proficiency in the MDiv Degree Program
  • The Board of Governors’ Prize for Proficiency in the ThM Degree Program
  • The Professor W. J. Martin Prize in Hebrew
  • The Greek Prize
  • The Old Testament Prize
  • The Gordon Fee Prize in New Testament Studies
  • The Biblical Studies Prize
  • The Dr. Ian Rennie History of Christianity Prize
  • The Doctrinal Theology Prize
  • The Dal Schindell Arts & Theology Prize
  • The Marketplace Theology Prize
  • The World Christianity Prize
  • The Pastoral Care Prize
  • The Harry Robinson Preaching Prize
  • The Spiritual Theology Prize
  • The Interdisciplinary Studies Prize

In addition, the following prizes are given annually in honour of specific individuals:

  • A Prize in Memory of Jean Sutherland
    Awarded to a student who emulates the quality of life of Jean Sutherland who contributed much to the Regent community through her love of learning (classics, archaeology) and commitment to hospitality.

  • The Walter C. Wright Jr. Leadership Award
    Awarded to a student who has excelled in leadership, whether in the life of the College or in academic work, and given in honour of Dr. Walter C. Wright Jr. who served as President of Regent College from 1988 to 2000.

  • The Luci Shaw Prize for Creative Writing
    Awarded to a student in honour of Luci Shaw whose work as writer, instructor, and member of the Board of Governors, has inspired much creativity at Regent College.

  • The Valerie Collison Memorial Scholarship
    Awarded to a female student in memory of Valerie Collison who completed both an MCS and an MDiv at Regent, and who encouraged many with her life and spirit before dying of cancer in 1995.

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