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Transfer Credits & Exemptions

If you've already completed theological studies at a graduate school that is accredited by a nationally-recognized  body (i.e., equivalent to the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada), you may be granted transfer credit for that work.

Such credit will be given only for courses considered relevant to Regent’s programs and of equivalent academic standard. Credit will not normally be granted for courses that are not theological in nature or have not been taught from a theological perspective.

The maximum amount of transfer credit varies according to each program:

GradDipCS 6 credits
MA Christian Studies 21 credits
MA Theological Studies 30 credits
MALTS 6 credits 
MDiv 45 credits
ThM 0 credits


1. Transfer Credits: A minimum grade of B (or a Pass in a Pass/Fail course) is required for courses to be considered for transfer. 

Since credits may be defined differently at different institutions, transfer credits from some institutions will be subject to a ratio to make them equal to credits taken at Regent. Transfer credit from non-accredited institutions is not normally given. Under no circumstances will transfer credit be awarded for work or life experience.

If you can show that a particular undergraduate course from an accredited institution has special relevance to your program at Regent, you may be granted transfer credit at a 3:2 ratio, provided you earned at least a B+ in it and provided the course was not used to satisfy the requirements of your undergraduate degree. First or second year undergraduate level courses will not normally be considered for transfer, with the exception of courses in biblical Hebrew or Greek which may be transferred at full credit value.

If you intend to transfer credits from another institution, you must plan carefully to ensure that you meet the Residency Requirement.

2. Advanced Standing with Credit: For students coming from certain undergraduate programs that have demonstrated rigour and a broad exposure to biblical studies, history of Christianity, and theology, a limited amount of advanced standing with credit may be granted. Such standing will be granted only if (i) you graduated from the undergraduate program within seven years of being admitted to Regent College, (ii) you obtained a grade point average of at least 3.7 on a 4-point scale in your undergraduate program, and (iii) you have obtained at least an A- in courses that match specific Regent College introductory courses. The maximum number of credit hours of advanced standing you may be granted will depend on your Regent College program:

GradDipCS 0 credits
MA Christian Studies 9 credits
MA Theological Studies 12 credits
MALTS 0 credits 
MDiv 18 credits
ThM 0 credits

3. Exemptions (Advanced Standing without Credit): You may also request exemption from specific required courses at Regent on the basis of undergraduate work you did at an accredited institution, whether it was part of your undergraduate degree or not. A minimum grade of B+ is required for exemption consideration. Exemption, however, does not entail transfer of credit; therefore, you must take other (normally more advanced) courses in the same discipline in order to make up the total number of credit hours required for a diploma or a degree. 

4. MALTS Program: For the MALTS program, due to the strategic importance of learning together as a cohort, transfer credits and exemptions from required courses may be granted only in two circumstances: (i) if, within seven years of beginning the MALTS program, you have completed Old Testament Foundations (BIBL 501) and/or New Testament Foundations (BIBL 502), you may substitute another course (either for credit or for audit) in place of the course(s) you have already taken; or (ii) if, within seven years of beginning the MALTS program, you have taken a course equivalent to BIBL 501 and/or BIBL 502 at an accredited, graduate level institution, attaining a grade of B or better, you must still take these courses, but you may do so either for credit or for audit. Your choice in either scenario will not affect the cost of the program. In all other cases, no transfer credits or exemptions will be granted. If you have any questions, please contact the MALTS Administrator.

5. Applying for Transfer Credits and/or Advanced Standing: You may complete the Course Exemption/Transfer Application. Alternatively, you may contact the Academic Advisor & Administrator who can assess what transfer credits and/or exemptions you would be entitled to. Note that in addition to supplying an official transcript to Regent College, you may also be asked to provide a college catalogue or course syllabus that describes the course(s) you have taken.

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