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If you could use help paying for grad school, we want to hear from you!

This page has recently been updated. These updates do NOT reflect changes to Regent's financial aid policies, but relate solely to the format of this webpage. To access an earlier version of this page, please click here. 

Students admitted to a Regent program can apply for financial aid through their REGIS account starting in mid-January each year. Get a head start on your Regent journey by submitting your application early!

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Who Should Apply

You should! If you’re planning to study-full time and you’d benefit from tuition assistance, it’s worth submitting an application. In recent years, we’ve been able to give financial aid to around two-thirds of applicants!

In addition to general need-based aid, many students are eligible for specific scholarships and bursaries based on criteria ranging from geographic background to career goals. You only need to fill out one application, and the financial aid team will check your eligibility for dozens of special awards.

The application process is designed with you in mind: it’s quick, simple, and as helpful as possible. Once you submit a Financial Aid Application, you’ll find out how much aid you can expect for the duration of your program. This helps take the guesswork out of planning for a multi-year degree.

When to Apply

As soon as possible—beginning in mid-January! When it comes to financial aid, it pays to plan ahead. Regardless of whether you’re planning to start your program in the Fall or Winter, submitting your Financial Aid Application early in the year will help ensure you receive all the assistance for which you are qualified.

The Financial Aid Application form is made available on REGIS (the College’s online registration system) on or around January 15 each year. 

You can submit a Financial Aid Application at any time, but applications are reviewed and awards made on a first-come, first-served basis. Simply put, there is a finite amount of financial aid money available each year. In other words, if you wait too long, available funds might run out, and you’ll need to re-apply the following year.

Note: Prospective students are encouraged to submit their application for financial aid while their application for admission is in process to secure a place in the applicant “queue.” Please be aware, however, that your financial aid application will not be evaluated until you are admitted to the College without conditions.

Information for Students Starting in Winter Term

While Regent’s financial aid application opens in January for all admitted students, the Financial Aid Officer typically reserves a limited amount of funding for students who plan to begin their studies in the following Winter term. These funds will be awarded to qualifying applicants on a first-come first-served basis.

This provision is intended to accommodate the fact that students starting in the Winter may apply for admission later than those beginning in the Fall. Please note, however, that students planning to begin their studies in the Winter term are advised to apply for admission and for financial aid as early as possible in the year preceding their start date.

How to Apply

Fill out the online Financial Aid Application, available via your REGIS account. You’ll be able to access this form once you’ve submitted an application for admission to a Regent program and received your REGIS login information.

You’ll be asked to give us some information about yourself, including:

  • Planned program and areas of study;
  • Financial resources available during your program (see details below);
  • Employment history;
  • Experience in certain vocational and ministry areas;
  • Future vocational interests.

The form is quick and simple. Submit, and you're good to go!

Estimating Financial Resources

The Financial Aid Application will ask you to specify the total amount of money you anticipate being able to access over the course of your program, taking into account existing assets, student loans, employment income, external funding (gifts, personal loans, outside bursaries, etc.), and any other sources of income. You’ll also be asked about your spouse’s income during your program. An honest and realistic assessment of your financial resources will help the financial aid team evaluate how they can help you meet your educational goals.

Application Results

While processing times may vary, most financial aid applicants can expect to find out their results within about six weeks.

If your application is successful, your financial aid award will consist of an annual amount. As long as you continue to meet all eligibility criteria, you will continue to receive this amount on an annual basis, up to the maximum number of years allowed for your program (details available here).

If your application is unsuccessful, you will be welcome to apply again for the following academic year. You’re also encouraged to consider student loans and other sources of funding, such as external scholarships or bursaries, part-time employment, and so on.

Award Disbursement

Financial aid will be posted directly to your student account for the Fall and Winter terms, automatically reducing the amount of tuition you need to pay.

As long as you continue to meet all eligibility criteria, you won’t need to reapply each year. If you cease to meet the eligibility criteria—for example, by studying only part-time for a term—your award will lapse and you will need to re-apply.

Spring and Summer Policy: Financial aid is not generally awarded for Spring and Summer Programs. However, students who meet financial aid eligibility criteria in the Winter term may use any remaining financial aid in their student accounts to pay for Spring or Summer course tuition, even if they are not taking a full course load during the summer. Any funds that are not used within the academic year (September through August) will revert to the College. This will have no effect on your award for the following year.

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Contact the Financial Aid Office

Email (preferred): [email protected]

Phone: 1.604.224.3245 x315 or 1.800.663.8664 (toll-free)

In-person: Students can make an appointment with the Financial Aid Officer by contacting Regent Reception at 604.224.3245 or [email protected].

  • Appointments are available on Mondays (1:00–3:00 pm) and Thursdays (10:00 am–noon & 1:30–3:00 pm).
  • Appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.
  • All visitors must follow Regent’s COVID-19 health and safety protocol.

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