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D. Zac Niringiye

Senior Fellow, Interface
BS, Diploma (Makerere University); MA (Wheaton College); PhD (Edinburgh University)
Bishop Dr. D. Zac Niringiye, theologian and pastor, is a civic-political activist in Uganda, involved in several civil society-led social justice and peace campaigns as a Citizens’ Manifesto Ambassador, an initiative under the Uganda Governance Monitoring Platform coordinated by the Uganda National NGO Forum, notably the Anti-Corruption advocacy in the Black Monday Movement.

In addition, Dr. Niringiye, is a Senior Fellow in a budding think tank - The Institute of Religion, Faith and Culture in Public Life (INTERFACE). He has previously served at Makerere University, as a Visiting Fellow in the Human Rights and Peace Centre (HURIPEC) Department, in the School of Law, where he was leading a project on Religion, Human Rights and Peace.

Bishop Niringiye took an early retirement from serving as Assistant Bishop in the Church of Uganda in 2012, to serve in the cause of social justice and good governance in Uganda.

Currently researching and writing on The Uganda Crisis and Christian Witness and the Common Good, Dr. Niringiye has authored two books: The Church: God’s Pilgrim People (The Langham Global Library, 2014) and his doctoral research The Church in the World: A Historical-Ecclesiological Study of the Church of Uganda with Particular Reference to Post-Independence Uganda, 1962-1992 (Langham Monographs, 2016) as well as several several articles in journals and books.

He holds a Physics degree (Honours) and a teaching Diploma from Makerere University; a Masters degree in Theology from Wheaton College, USA; and, a PhD in Theology and Mission History from Edinburgh University.


INTERFACE seeks to promote discourse and engagement around the place of religion, faith and culture in public life, by providing space for intellectual discourse; stimulating a culture of critical inquiry and engagement; generating and sharing perspectives on extremism; and, promoting inter-faith and intercultural dialogue and reconciliation.

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