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Min-Dong Paul Lee

Norris A. Aldeen Chair of Business and Associate Professor of Business, Wheaton College
BA, MA (University of Toronto); MDiv (Regent College); PhD (Cornell University)

Min-Dong Paul Lee's passion is to see God’s people redeem and transform businesses to serve Christ and His Kingdom. Before starting to teach at Wheaton College, he had a diverse set of experiences (e.g. ministry, corporate career and international development) and training (e.g. theology, history, sociology and business management). He is elated that, at Wheaton, all these experiences and training can come together in a meaningful way toward equipping God’s people to make positive impacts in the marketplace. Currently, the focus of his research revolves around three themes: corporate social responsibility, compassion in workplace and faith and business as mission. On the personal side, God has blessed him with a wonderful and godly wife, Caroline, and three hilarious children who cause him to give thanks to the Lord all the time. He hails from a small town in South Korea, but spent a good part of his formative years in Canada (including 3 years at Regent College).

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