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Tremper Longman

Distinguished Scholar and Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies, Westmont College
BA (Ohio Wesleyan University), MDiv (Westminster Theological Seminary), PhD (Yale University)

Tremper Longman III (PhD Yale) is Distinguished Scholar and Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at Westmont College. He has written over thirty-five books including commentaries on Genesis, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Daniel, and Nahum. His most recent books include Confronting Old Testament Controversies: Pressings Questions about Evolution, Sexuality, History, and Violence (2019) and The Bible and the Ballot: Using Scripture in Political Decisions (2020). Tremper's books have been translated into seventeen different languages. He is presently writing a commentary on the Book of Revelation. Tremper is married to Alice and has three sons and six granddaughters.

Tremper Longman III is the Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies at Westmont College. He has a PhD from Yale University in Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literature. His publications include more than thirty books, including a commentary on Jeremiah and Lamentations, as well as numerous essays and journal articles.

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