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Laurel Borisenko

Humanitarian, International NGOs and United Nations
BA, MA (University of Alberta), DipCS (Regent College), PhD (University of Amsterdam)

Laurel Borisenko has spent fifteen years working in international humanitarian aid and peacebuilding. Her research in Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Uganda has examined how communities that have undergone violent conflict have used the arts (specifically theatre) to move toward healing and reconciliation.

Areas of expertise

  • Humanitarian aid
  • Forced migration
  • Arts-based peace building

Media & Publications

  • "‘The Collapsible Space Between Us’: Refugee Theatre as a Tool of Resilience in Kenya" Article
  • "'Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws’: Community Response to Harare Theatre as a Tool of Peace Building" Book Chapter

Laurel Borisenko has spent more than a decade working in humanitarian aid and complex emergencies around the world. She has held senior management roles in a variety of international NGOs and has worked with UN organizations, providing refugee support, emergency relief, and child protection. Laurel brings first-hand knowledge of both the political and the personal aspects of forced migration.

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