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Johanna Harris

Senior Lecturer in English Literature, University of Exeter,
BA (Sydney), MSt.(Oxford), DPhil (Oxford)

Johanna Harris is Senior Lecturer in English Literature at the University of Exeter. She has published articles and chapters on Lady Brilliana Harley and the Harley family, English radical Protestantism, and early modern epistolary culture. She is completing a monograph on the correspondence networks and epistolary styles of English puritanism, and is the co-editor (with Elizabeth Scott-Baumann) of The Intellectual Culture of Puritan Women, 1558–1680. With Alison Searle, she is the co-general editor of The Correspondence of Richard Baxter, a 9-volume edition contracted to OUP, and editor of Volume 1 (1635-53), in progress. Johanna is also a volume editor for The Oxford Traherne, editing Select Meditations and The Ceremonial Law. Johanna's grandfather (Bruce Harris, now 97) was an Oxford Inter-Collegiate Christian Union associate of both J. I. Packer and James Houston in post-war Oxford.

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