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Christopher Houston

Management Consultant, Change Alliance

Chris Houston is a seasoned consultant who helps his clients bring about fundamental change in the organizations they lead. His experience spans over 25 years as a consultant, coach, mentor, and facilitator of senior leaders across North America, Western Europe, and Asia.

Chris is a natural consultant, and to him, the work is a calling, a craft, and a passion. He serves by challenging and strengthening in order to build “hopeful realists”—and loves the intricate and often intensely personal process of helping leaders and their organizations grow and thrive, even in extremely challenging conditions. Many of his consulting relationships last for years, transitioning through the natural stages of growth as needs and conditions change. For many clients, the benefits of an experienced third party, who remains close enough for relevance yet removed enough for objectivity, has proven to provide a valuable resource to help through challenging times and achieve positive results.

Chris earned his MBA in 1987 (Gold Medalist) from The University of Western Ontario’s Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario. He went on to join the General Management practice in the Toronto office of Woods Gordon. Chris soon realized that his skills were better deployed in a boutique business model. In the early ‘90s, he and a partner initiated a unique management consulting firm, The Change Alliance, which serves business leaders and their organizations by helping them craft the culture of their organization around a greater “purpose-for-others.”

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