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Advent in the Alumni Office

December 06, 2019
Because Jesus came to us as a human and lived a fully human life, we know that no aspect of human life is beyond God’s interest.

Regent is embracing a year of storytelling as the community prepares for the College’s 50th Anniversary. In this season, Alumni and Church Involvement Officer Christina Lui reflects on the diversity of Regent stories, and the one story that unites them all.

One of the perks of my job is that I hear a lot of stories. I’ve been delighting in the stories shared by Regent grads through the 50/50 Alumni Project for months now, but during this season of Advent I’ve started looking at these stories in a new way.

More and more, I’m finding that each profile points me back to a story behind the story: the story of Christ’s Incarnation.

Because Jesus came to us as a human and lived a fully human life, we know that no aspect of human life is beyond God’s interest—or beyond the scope of Christian calling.

Or, as an alumna once said, Regent people tend to thinks in terms of “the theology of insert-random-noun-here.” I’d like to think that’s because we embrace the truth of the Incarnation!

The effort to reflect and act on this truth has been at the heart of Regent’s mission from its beginning. I think it’s also at the heart of Regent’s lasting influence on students from all walks of life. Our alumni pursue countless different vocations while sharing an understanding that what they’re doing is informed by their faith and matters deeply to God.

During this Advent and Christmas season, we’re highlighting a few short snippets from our growing collection of alumni stories. I hope these wise words from our alumni community warm your heart in this season of reflection on the story of the Incarnation—the story behind all our stories.

Regent is, as always, grateful to the many donors who have helped make 50 years of Regent stories possible. If you’d like to invest in future Regent stories, we hope you'll consider donating to Regent’s Christmas appeal.

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