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Christmas 2019: 50 Years of Regent Stories

From the Alumni Office

I’ve been delighting in the stories told by Regent grads through the 50/50 Alumni Project for a few months now, but they’re feeling especially timely as we approach Advent and Christmas. More and more, I’m finding that each graduate profile points me back to a story behind the stories—the story of Christ’s Incarnation.

Because God became human, we know that no aspect of human life is beyond God’s interest. The effort to reflect this truth has been at the heart of Regent’s mission from the beginning. I think it’s also at the heart of Regent’s lasting influence on students and alumni from all walks of life.

Below, you’ll find excerpts from a few of the wonderful (and growing!) collection of stories we’re collecting as we prepare to celebrate Regent’s 50th anniversary. I hope they warm your heart in this season of reflection on the story of the Incarnation—the story behind all our stories.

Christina Lui, Alumni and Church Involvement Officer

“Five years ago I quit my church job to be at home with our growing family, and my education took on a new significance. Regent’s emphasis on God’s calling on our whole lives helped me place my day-to-day duties— however hidden or mundane they may seem—in the broader narrative of how God is rescuing the world. After all, the Jesus I want my children to know is a Jesus who reveals himself in ordinary bread and wine, who calls himself a door, a gate, a light, and a shepherd, and who graciously shows up again and again as I nurse an infant, fold laundry, or chop vegetables.”

   —Jill McFadden, Homemaker

“My journey since Regent hasn't been what I expected, but I can trace God's guidance in it. I’ve had to grieve the loss of the pastoral ministry I thought I was being prepared for, but I have found deep pastoral meaning in the work I now do in the marketplace. I’ve found a corner where I can apply my theological vision and be part of God's project, shaping shalom and flourishing in His good creation.”

   —Theran Knighton-Fitt, Entrepreneur

More Regent stories:

The following excerpts come from alumni profiles presented through the 50/50 Alumni Project. Follow the links to read more from each grad quoted here, and be sure to check out all the other grad profiles posted alongside them. We're posting a new story each week, so check back often or subscribe to read new stories as they're posted.

"To live my life as a whole..."  —Sylvia

“My time at Regent taught me to live my life as a whole, not divided between ministry and non-ministry. It gave me a solid sense of identity as God’s person in the world, whether serving as a ‘missionary’ or homemaker, helping new immigrants in Halifax, or teaching in Asia.”

   —Sylvia Musoke, English Teacher

"Ordinary but satisfying..."  —Kathlyn

“After studying at Regent, I felt that my education had been rounded. I had added arts to my study of sciences, and I had developed or honed my capacity for critical thinking in the theological and biblical areas. 

"My life has been ordinary but satisfying, through the grace of God.”

   —Kathlyn Ronaldson, Epidemiologist

"Working for the common good..."  —William

“I’ve learned that we are most effective as God’s witnesses when we are in the world, not insulated from the world. That lesson has helped me through many career changes and allowed me to thrive in the marketplace, working for the common good in unexpected ways.”

   —William Wan, Non-Profit Leader

"Live boldly as a Christian..."  —Ivan

“My time at Regent empowered me to go out into the world and live boldly as a Christian wherever I found myself. I know that God's story is more powerful than any other, and that Christ and his people will triumph in the end.”

   —Ivan De Silva, Police Detective

"You understand life at a very basic level..."  —Lynn

“There is perhaps no part of my life that has not been affected by my time at Regent. To have a sense that you understand life at a very basic level is freeing. In a world of conflicting worldviews and ideas, studying at Regent can give students a solid grasp of how to negotiate and understand the world.”

   —Lynn Tolleson, Artist/Writer

"Thoughtful Christians..."  —Jim

“My experience at Regent gave me a life-long desire to learn more about the Christian faith and apply my faith to everything in life. I continue to support Regent today because the church and the world need thoughtful Christians. Regent is teaching people to be thoughtful Christians.”

   —Jim Alimena, Marketing Executive

"Even when I am not aware..."  —Eleanor

“I would describe my Christian journey as ‘a long obedience in the same direction’—sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes spectacular scenery, sometimes not, but with the sure knowledge that God is ever-present and ever-involved, even when I am not aware.”

   —Eleanor Protheroe, Palliative Care Physician

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