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Relieved Student Thanks Emergency Fund Donors

July 10, 2020
It is because of this community and its habitual faithfulness that I am able to continue on.

This summer, many Regent students are facing extraordinary challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Donors to the Psalm 46 Student Emergency Fund are stepping in to help by funding bursaries to help struggling students meet basic expenses.

Below, current MATS student and Psalm 46 Bursary recipient Alice E. Hodgkins shares how this assistance is making a difference.

When COVID and its attending difficulties hit, I had three on-campus jobs. Two of them ended with the closure of the building. At the same time, I found that my groceries cost more than ever. And I was already in a period of reliance on the (expensive) expertise of a professional counsellor.

I was so thankful when the Dean of Students Office announced the Psalm 46 fund. It is thoroughly indicative of the character of the Regent community as I’ve come to know it.

When I arrived at Regent two years ago, I discovered a place for tired, frazzled people like me. This is a community full of people who want to excavate themselves to the deepest level and be rebuilt with the scaffolding of grace and truth.

Ever since, the Regent community has become one of God’s great gifts in my life. I have been cared for and supported at every turn in overwhelming ways, often while at my most unlovely.

The Psalm 46 bursary is one of the ways I’ve been cared for at Regent. The donors to this fund have borne the burden of love and taken the call to community seriously. I am exceedingly grateful for their generosity.

This summer, as I begin my final project and see a long-dreamed-of novel starting to take shape, I am keenly aware that most of my rent has been paid for by the Psalm 46 fund.

It is because of this community and its habitual faithfulness that I am able to continue on.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Psalm 46 Student Emergency Fund remains a crucial lifeline for students like Alice. Would you consider making a donation to the fund today?

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