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RCSA Invites All Students to Join Weekly Prayer Group

March 05, 2020
I want to change and grow, but not just in my head. I need my heart to keep up.

Tucked away in the southeast corner of the atrium, there is a cozy, window-lit room for prayer and contemplation. Last year, four students began meeting here to pray together each week, and it quickly became a vital rhythm in their lives. 

“I realized I was learning all these things about God,” Regula Winzeler, RCSA President, shares. “But I felt convicted that I wasn’t spending a lot of time with God.” After discussing this with her friend, Katy Der, these two decided to form a prayer group. 

Katy and Regula quickly found two more students who shared these convictions. “We started meeting every week: me, Katy, Christine and Jesse,” Regula explains. “It quickly became an integral part of my week.” 

Christine Yeung shares why this group has been vital in her life: “In my very first week here, a graduating student gave me encouraging advice: ‘No matter what you do, be prayerful.’” This wise counsel stuck with her. 

This regular commitment to communal prayer remade these students. “It helped me not be as self-focused,” Regula reflects. “I think this rhythm helped us all have a more missional perspective on our studies. It realigned me to things like, ‘Why am I here? And where is God in it?’ It helped me remember that God is present in everything—even a textbook.” 

In addition, this weekly prayer meeting transformed each student’s studies. Every week, when prayer ended, all four would traipse down to the library together. “It was such a beautiful transition: praying together to studying together,” Regula shares.

As students, it’s easy to forget to prioritize prayer. “You could always do more work,” Regula admits. “But we miss the point if we don’t spend time practicing what we’re learning about. I want to change and grow, but not just in my head. I need my heart to keep up. After all, we’re here for holistic formation. It's been incredibly freeing to remember that I'm not defined by grades. Prayer resists our culture's message that you matter if you perform and produce. So it’s an incredibly significant part of our formation into being more like Jesus.”

This year, Christine is the RCSA Prayer Member at Large. Inspired by her experience, she’s inviting all students to join this group.

When: Thursdays 12–1 pm
Where: Regent Prayer Room

All are welcome. Just show up!

“This year, we want all members of the Regent community to experience the blessing of communal prayer,” Christine shares. “As James 5:13–16 teaches, we will never regret spending time in prayer together.” 

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