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Plans for On-Campus Learning in Winter 2021

September 29, 2020
We have begun working on a flexible plan for safe in-person learning in the Winter 2021 Term.


I am pleased to report that the gradual reopening of Regent College’s campus, launched in early September, is proceeding smoothly. Students have been eager to use the study spaces available in the Allison Library and student groups have begun utilizing the safe meeting spaces created in the Atrium. In order to focus on student needs, the building––with the exception of the Regent College Bookstore––remains closed to the public for the time being. We look forward to the day when we are able to resume our normal operations. 

Our top priorities have not changed: delivering high-quality theological education and ensuring the health and safety of our students, staff, and faculty. In the midst of a constantly evolving situation, our staff and faculty have continued striving to provide our students with the best possible educational experience. Our faculty have adapted quickly to the challenges of teaching online. Our IT Team has gone above and beyond to ensure ready access for our entire global student body. Our Facilities and Library Teams have worked tirelessly to provide students with access to critical on-campus services. And our COVID-19 Response Team, in partnership with the College’s Health and Safety Committee, has guided us safely through. I am grateful for everyone who has worked so hard to enable Regent to continue its ministry so effectively.

As we look forward to the gradual expansion of on-campus operations, consultation with our faculty and with Regent’s student association has indicated a strong desire to prioritize in-person access to courses and tutorials. We have begun working on a flexible plan to provide opportunities for safe in-person learning in the Winter 2021 Term. This is a season when planning for the future is particularly complex. Circumstances permitting, though, we look forward to providing opportunities for meaningful on-campus learning by means of hybrid courses and on-campus tutorial groups.

We remain committed to making Regent’s high-quality theological education accessible to our global student body. Winter and summer 2021 courses will be accessible online. Distance learning restrictions remain suspended until the end of August 2021, ensuring that students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic can continue working toward completion of their programs wherever they are.

A year ago, we could never have imagined the challenges posed by the last seven months. Regent is hardly alone in this experience. Our neighbours in Vancouver and around the world have felt the impact of this pandemic in any number of ways, and we continue to pray for relief from its physical, economic, and relational effects. 

Please pray for us as well. Pray that our leadership will be blessed with wisdom, insight, and clarity as we seek the path forward. Pray that our staff will be blessed with stamina, creativity, and joy as they begin attending to the details for the Winter 2021 Term. And pray that our faculty will be blessed with energy and encouragement as they find new ways to contribute to students’ growth while teaching online. Above all, please pray that God will continue to work in and through Regent to accomplish his purposes in this particular time.

In his grace, 

Jeffrey P. Greenman
Regent College

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