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Matching Gift Opportunity: Technology Upgrade for Student Experience

February 07, 2018
To take full advantage of this opportunity, we need help from the Regent community.

A generous matching grant for Educational Technologies from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust will help Regent complete our Technology Upgrade for Student Experience project by matching up to $84,000 USD (approximately $100,000 CAD) from Regent donors. This presents a unique opportunity for friends of the College to double the value of their gifts while making a concrete difference in day-to-day life at Regent. To make a donation, click here.

If you’ve attended a class, lecture, or other event at Regent College in recent years, you may have noticed that the audiovisual systems in our chapel and classrooms could use a serious update. The good news is, we can make that happen this year.

Regent has developed a plan not only to solve these enduring problems, but also to take a huge step forward in our ability to serve students and the public. We’ve identified a few simple solutions that will have a big impact, allowing us to:

  • Improve student, faculty, and visitor experience,
  • Bring more of Regent to the world,
  • Make it easier to access Regent Audio’s vast collection of digital content,
  • Open up new avenues for learning and exploration.

It’s a wonderful opportunity. But to take full advantage of this opportunity, we need help from the Regent community.

The M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust has committed to supporting the Technology Upgrade for Student Experience project by matching up to approximately $100,000 (CAD) from Regent donors. That means that for every dollar donated by a friend of the College, Murdock will provide the same amount in the form of a grant. Simply put, every gift to this project is doubled.

The Technology Upgrade for Student Experience is a $230,000 project designed to increase Regent’s ability to use, develop, and distribute digital media both beneath and beyond the green roof. What does that actually look like? The project focuses on

  • Replacing outdated audiovisual and wireless network equipment,
  • Investing in audio and video recording technology,
  • Installing a video-conferencing system, and
  • Developing a Regent Audio app.

Thanks to several very generous donors, Regent has already been able to purchase new chapel and classroom projectors. Other donors have brought us a third of the way to our goal of $100,000 raised to take full advantage of the Murdock Trust matching grant. For the remaining $64,000, Regent is looking to its extended network of alumni and friends.

“The Murdock Trust has challenged this community to invest in Regent’s future, and they’re giving friends of the College a rare opportunity to make their gifts go twice as far,” said President Jeff Greenman. “Knowing this community’s love of Regent students and its heart for equipping the people of God, I have no doubt we’re up to the challenge.”

To take advantage of this matching gift opportunity and help fund technology upgrades for student experience, please visit our giving page.

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