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Regent College Launches Calling Initiative

February 19, 2018
"We’re thrilled at this opportunity to continue investing in integrative, hands-on resources that meet the needs of the church today."

Regent College is very pleased to announce the launch of an innovative new project, the Calling Initiative. Generously funded by Lilly Endowment Inc., the Calling Initiative revolves around a question at the heart of Regent’s mission: namely, how do we help lay believers to understand that their lives—their work, their home, their relationships—are critical to God’s mission in the world?

The Calling Initiative seeks to answer this question by bringing together Regent’s depth of theological insight and the hands-on experience of congregations struggling with these issues. Led by a new full-time faculty member, the initiative at Regent will work with a network of twelve churches throughout Cascadia to develop strategies and resources to help believers understand and embrace their calling in all walks of life.

The project builds on Regent’s long engagement with questions of work and faith. As President Jeff Greenman commented, “Regent has always been passionate about whole-life discipleship—equipping the whole people of God to live out their faith thoughtfully and purposefully. We firmly believe that the calling to work in an office, on a construction site, in the arts, or in the home is just as important in building God’s kingdom as the calling to pastor a church. The Calling Initiative provides a wonderful opportunity to partner with congregations that share that vision.”

Academic Dean Paul Spilsbury noted, “We’re thrilled at this opportunity to continue investing in integrative, hands-on resources that meet the needs of the church today. The Calling Initiative builds on Regent’s strong track record in this area—things like our ReFrame curriculum and our new MA in Leadership, Theology, and Society—and expands the ways that we can support, equip, and encourage the whole people of God to embrace an integrative vision of faith, life, and work.”

Questions about the Calling Initiative can be directed to the office of the Academic Dean at [email protected]. Partner churches will be selected following the hiring of the new Director of the Calling Initiative. That position is currently posted here.

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