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A New Website for the Allison Library

June 27, 2018
The site's simplicity of design and user-friendly layout will support and encourage researchers of all kinds.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the John Richard Allison Library’s new website.

The new site features a clean, mobile-friendly design, intuitive site-wide navigation, and easy access to important resources and services. It also includes a news section providing regular updates on library news, special events, and new resources and databases.

"I am so delighted at this opportunity to serve our users even more effectively,” said Cindy Aalders, Library Director. “We are deeply grateful for the generous donation that made the project possible.” 

"We trust that the site's simplicity of design and user-friendly layout will support and encourage researchers of all kinds, from members of the public browsing through our digitized rare books to advanced students working on their dissertations. We look forward to continuing to improve the site as we receive valuable feedback from our users."

Some highlights of the site include:

·       An integrated search function, accessible from every page, with comprehensive access to databases, e-books, and print resources;

·       A complete outline of the Allison Library's collections;

·       A special section devoted to the library’s Puritan Project;

·       A course reserve section, searchable by course or instructor, integrated with Moodle and the library catalogue;

·       A new online system for booking study rooms;

·       A simple digital form to suggest a book for purchase;

·       Information on how to use the library; and

·       Instructions on research and writing.

Keep an eye on the site’s news section to track the release of even more exciting new features, like video tutorials and research guides on a variety of topics.

You can view the new site at We hope the new features and design make your research more efficient and enjoyable.

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