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Technology Upgrade: PROJECT COMPLETE!

We did it . . . thank you!

Thanks to the generosity of many donors, including Regent alumni, staff, faculty, and friends, we achieved our goal of raising $100,000 for Regent's Technology Upgrade project! That $100,000 is being fully matched by the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to make this possible! We look forward to sharing the results of this project with the global Regent community.

We're bringing more of Regent to the world.

Imagine walking into Regent’s chapel for a lecture and knowing you'll be able to hear and see everything you came to hear and see … right away. No fumbling around with microphones. No emergency adjustments to the projection system. Imagine sitting in the back row, and hearing every word with crystal clarity.  

Imagine calling a friend in Calgary right after the lecture. She’s been watching a live-stream of the lecture with a few members of her small group. You chat for a few minutes about how much you learned, the great video the speaker showed, and the Q&A session—that student in the second row was so eager to get his question in, he was almost stumbling over his words. 

When you get home that night you start wondering if the speaker has given any other lectures at Regent. You check the Regent Audio app on your phone, and—yes! Not only did she speak at a recent conference, she taught a week-long course last summer. You download the conference lecture to listen to on your way to work, and save the course videos to watch later. 

A few days later, you remember that your pastor had wanted to go to that lecture, but had a scheduling conflict. You pull up the video on Regent’s website and send him the link before you forget. 

After church on Sunday, you find yourself chatting with a Regent student. You ask him how classes are going, and he tells you about the guest speaker in his World Christianity course, a Kenyan theologian who called in from African International University. Next week, he adds, they’re going to talk to a pastor in Costa Rica—apparently his professor is putting that new video-conference room to good use. The excited light in the student’s eyes makes you smile. You think to yourself, “It’s so nice when things just work!”

We've finished the Technology Upgrade project, but Regent still needs your support to continue providing quality theological education for the whole people of God.


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